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Fantasy Musical Project

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:49 am UTC
by cjmcjmcjmcjm
If there is one band you'd love to form or an album you'd love to record, post it here. Don't worry how absurd they sound or if they have you jamming with dead musicians or if they are actually doable, post your ideas anyway.

I'll start.
My ideal band would have an octet of permeant members who have some talent on percussive instruments as well as other musical talents (hopefully a couple people who know fretless bass). I'd need to be in some other money-making musical project or earn lots of money through other means to hire all the guest musicians I'd need for my arrangements or be signed to a generous label who doesn't interfere with people's creative vision.
I've got two and a half albums I'd really love to record. The first would be a double album throughout many styles and with many tributes to other musical pieces. I'll have some more details if I ever finish arranging some songs I worte. The other album I really want to make is loosely based on this I'd make an arrangement of DSotM with other lunar pieces added in. I'm thinking of adding Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 as the bookends and interlude and possible fitting Suite bergamasque in there somewhere.
Yes, I think I may use some of the techniques described in today's comic ( in at least one of my albums and record them as 5.1 SACDs with as little compression as possible with a compressed version on the Red Book layer for listening in poor listening environments.