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Postby masterwizard » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:35 am UTC

An entire genre of music that is almost completely unkown in America, and I have no idea why, so I thought I'd help spread some of it around to try to replace all this rap and "pop music" that is wayyyyy overrated. It's a sort of electronic house/dance/techno type stuff. I forget the definition, but sometimes it's hard to distinguish between "italodance" and "eurodance" which is pretty similar. So I'll include some other songs too that are also good and closely related. About half of italodance songs are in Italian, and half are in English. Most of them are good, and I'll be posting links to the best of them.

So, probably the most known italodance song here in America, and the one that lead me to discovering Italodance is Blue, by Eiffel 65. If you haven't heard it, DO! Eiffel 65 is one of the very best italodance groups, and they have the unique property of having Every Single One of their songs being awesome. So, here are some links you can listen to if you're interested:


My Console

World in the World

Voglia di Dance all Night

Anyway, in 2005 Gabry Ponte decided to leave Eiffel 65 to pursue his solo career. He made some pretty good stuff, I don't think he's the one singing in the songs, but he makes good music.


La Danza Delle Steghe

Man in the Moon

So, without Gabry, Jeffrey Jey and Marizio Lobina quit Eiffel 65 and became Bloom 06. The music is somewhat similar, though I don't think quite as good as before.

Beats & Sweat

Un'altra Come Te

Welcome to the Zoo

So anyway, let's go back in time now, to one of the founders of italodance, Gigi D'agostino. He's awesome, and made some good songs, and then switched over to/invented Lento Violento, which is similar, but more hard bass and stuff, different genre, still good. The only problem with it is it can get a little bit annoying. Well, judge for yourself, here, as usual, are the best songs.


I'll fly with you

The Riddle

Bla Bla Bla

Lento Violento:


I Wonder Why

Lo Sbaglio

Oh, and I can't forget, there's a song called The Way, by Fastball, which is like old, and kind of sucks. And somehow, he took this and remixed it and made it amazing!!!

So yeah, anyway, this post is kind of long, you don't have to go through the entire thing in one sitting.

There's another group Prezioso feat. Marvin, and it took me a while to figure out that that is the band, it's the two Prezioso brothers and Marvin all in the same group, so if it says Prezioso or Prezioso feat. Marvin, it's the same thing. Pretty good songs.

We Rule the Danza

Le Louvre

Let's Talk About a Man

And they remixed The Riddle, which seems to be popular, look it up if you liked the original.

Another artist is Dj Lhasa, not a huge number of good songs, but some.




Dj Ross:





Dieci Cento Mille

Don't Stop





Now, technically Italobrothers are from Germany, but I think their music is italodance.

Stamp on the Ground

Love is on Fire

Moonlight Shadow

And there's a bazillion others, just to throw this out there because they're totally awesome, is O-Zone, eurodance I think, Romanian. Anyway, I'm absolutely positively certain you've heard Dragostea Din Tei AKA Numa Numa Dance, but they have some other good songs too.

Dragostea Din Tei

Despre Tine

Fiesta de la Noche

So now you know what I listen to, all of these artists have loads of other good songs, and there's plenty of other good artists I didn't even get into like Molella, Vanni G, Provenzano DJ, and Tune up, if you like these, go and search for stuff on your own. Eiffel 65 is getting back together in two months wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

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