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Recommended on Spotify...

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:30 am UTC
by Dream
This is a thread for Spotify users to tell each other of music they've discovered hiding somewhere in the vast Spotify library, that might otherwise go unnoticed. I'd like to set a few ground rules for posting, in the hope that the recommendations are useful and have a high hit rate with other users.

First of all, please post the complete artist and album/track title prominently. We want this to be easy to read over.

Second, one recommendation per post. This recommendation can encompass several Spotify URLs, as long as each is clearly labeled as what it is, and has some reason to be there. But at the same time, keep things bearable in terms of duration. If you link three entire albums, there's no way I'm going to listen, nor will anyone else.

Third, stick to Spotify only. No YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud or whatever. They can have their own threads, or be posted in the many other music exchange threads. This is about mining one particular library for excellent material. Further, it's not about posting your favourite whatever, it's about highlighting material of interest. And that means...

Fourth, have something to say about what you're posting. I'd like to be able to read the post and get an idea about what I'm getting into, so I can give some time to listening. This will also mean we can get an idea of the posters whose recommendations we like. I'd like to see some background and a few sentences about the particular music posted. It doesn't have to be a wall of text, but please be informative.

Lastly, if possible, please post some other relevant links, like wiki pages or whatever, just because if you do get someone to really dig what you post, putting the corollary info up there is a plan.

I'm going to post an example next, in a shamelessly rule breaking double posting extravaganza. Hopefully ST won't kill me. If anyone has any questions about Spotify or the thread in general, just post them here, or PM me.

Re: Recommended on Spotify...

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:47 am UTC
by Dream
Monolake : Hongkong Remastered

So, back in the nineties, there was this record label called Basic Channel in Berlin. They specialised in a kind of reverb drenched techno sound that's really distinctive. They also signed and promoted several minimal dub techno acts to a subsidiary called Chain Reaction, one of which was called Monolake. Minimal dub techno is techno that uses the tools of dub, i.e. reverb and echo to create a constantly moving and evolving soundscape from very little sonic material. It's characteristically calm and smooth, with little of the hard angularity of mainstream techno.

The personnel in Monolake, Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles were quite important people. They started (and Behles owns and runs) Ableton, makers of the ubiquitous Live computer performance software. Today, Henke still performs as Monolake, and works as an engineer for Ableton, and Behles releases little music, but runs the company. Hongkong Remastered is a re-release of a 1997 Chain Reaction series recorded in Hong Kong and China. It's a classic example of minimal techno, with lots of ambient flourishes. This is a very good entry point into the Basic Channel sound, as it is a bit less confrontational than the label's own output. Put this on, and get a load of the gorgeous reverb and lush delays... For me, releases of old 12in singles like this are one of the best things about Spotify.