Most/Least Sexy Male/Female Nouns (Opinion but not Poll)

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Most/Least Sexy Male/Female Nouns (Opinion but not Poll)

Postby Patrik3 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:12 pm UTC

I hope this is the right board to post this - i.e. this topic is quite informal and opinion-based and I hope it isn't in contrast with more theoretical topics. Also, I was going to make it a poll, but it wouldn't really work to have one poll covering both genders.

I was wondering, what do you think are the sexiest/ugliest nouns to describe a male, or female, person?

For example, if I find a female attractive, I would prefer to call them a "girl" than a "woman" or "lady", since "girl" has connotations of being cute whereas "woman" makes me think of a more adult, sensible and... boring, female. Please note that I'm 21yo and I think I'd use "girl" almost regardless of age, so I don't believe that the term is creepy, even though the connotations stem from the term originally being used to describe a young child.

Similarly, I very much dislike being described as a "man", even when it's used as a compliment - because I am reluctant to be perceived as 'mature'. On the other hand, I don't think I would enjoy being referred to as a "boy". I think "guy", or even "dude" for colloquial situation would be my preferred choice. Conversely, if I found a male attractive, I think I would refer to him as a "man", or possibly a "chap", depending on my mood.

I suppose it could just be that I'm generally opposed to the more formal ones, and find the less formal ones more attractive. There are a few examples that don't fit the rule, though - for example, "chick" does not sound particularly attractive in my head - nor do "bird" or "babe".

So, do you share the same feelings? Which is your most favourite noun to describe either gender? What noun feels ugliest to you? Are there any region-specific nouns that you love or hate?

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Re: Most/Least Sexy Male/Female Nouns (Opinion but not Poll)

Postby Joeldi » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:49 pm UTC

When I think about my girfriend's body, she's a women, when I think about her face, she's a girl, when I think about her mind, she's either a lady, or more commonly her name. When I think about sex with her, she's a dirty beast.

I don't feel much like a man, I don't feel much like a boy, sometimes I feel like a princess. I have referred to myself as a girlyman, but that assigns things to gender qualities that I want to throw out the window.
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