Arabic help question (invitation letter)

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Arabic help question (invitation letter)

Postby Monika » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:21 pm UTC

Hello lovely internet people,

Might someone help me with two Arabic one-page documents? As most Arabic-speaking countries have their weekend on Friday-Saturday my colleagues are not available, and my own Arabic knowledge is way too poor to figure it out.

I got these invitation letters for Saudi Arabia: ... l_2015.pdf + ... Eggers.pdf

Can someone tell me the following:
- Is the invitation letter addressed to the embassy in Berlin or to the one in Frankfurt?
- Is the company that I'm going to visit named as "SAP software solutions KSA" (or similar) or as "SAMA"/"Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency"?
- Are both these documents actually (parts of) the invitation letter? I'm also supposed to bring an excerpt from the commercial register/certificate of registration for the inviting company ... but I'm assuming neither of these documents is such a thing, right?
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