Indoor/Container Gardening

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Indoor/Container Gardening

Postby pooteeweet » Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:00 pm UTC

Hi folks.

Anybody here tried their hand at growing edibles indoors?

My first attempt at growing herbs failed miserably last summer-- I was away from the house sometimes or just too absentminded and they all eventually dried out and died.

I feel much more optimistic this time around. I have a selection of herbs in small pots on the kitchen windowsill--these I bought from the store already sprouted and several inches tall. Then I have two long, rectangular containers on the porch, in which I started cilantro and parsley from seed. They've sprouted nicely, which is pretty exciting because I was half convinced I would somehow screw it up and not have a single seedling grow.

Now I'm really tempted to try planting some salads in one of those rectangular porch boxes (I only seeded half of each box, so that I could start another batch later in the season). Does anyone know anything about which salad varieties are most suitable for container gardening? The boxes are 7 inches wide and the dirt is only 4 to 5 inches deep. I don't want to inadvertently get seeds for something that needs more space or loads of direct sunlight. When I google this I mostly come up with useless articles that refuse to give any sort of in-depth information (i.e., "Here's how to grow salads in your home! It's so great to be able to pick fresh greens whenever you want to eat salad! Buy a pot and some soil. Choose some seeds. Put it somewhere sunny and water it. Now you can have fresh salad year round!" Uhh... real helpful. Thanks.)

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