Silly sci-fi satire children's book w/ illustrations

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Silly sci-fi satire children's book w/ illustrations

Postby pedroj012 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:13 am UTC

I've been working on this thing for way too long. Finally done. I'd love for someone to take a look. It's FREE for the pdf or epub.

PDF ... 30394.html

Epub ... 30296.html

Paperback ... 23595.html

Bradley Trummon, professor of cosmology at Breddarine University, winner of the University's “H. A. Hotchkins, Most Logical (some would say, under their breath, obviously, 'most boring') Mind” Award for three years running, and avid home gardener, is in deep doo-doo. He's been swallowed by a space worm and has befriended an intergalactic salesman (Jebb Parsons) he met in said space worm's gut. Together they are traversing the universe and making sales calls while eluding the dreaded No-no-no's (also known as the triple-not-agrees) who are trying to track Jebb down to deny his insurance claim and increase his premiums, while all Bradley wants to do is find a way to get back home.
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