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Philae Now [my "additional updated panel" to Landing]

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:55 am UTC
by Girl-With-A-Math-Fetish
She can't do science if she isn't still alive...
And just... from an emotional perspective alone... she went all the way there... she made it... only to trip right before the finish line of the marathon... poor, poor Philae...

It's like the ending scene to Wall-E, only we're not guaranteed the happy Pixar ending.
Note that I'm HARDLY an emotional person. I'm normally as emotionless as the *actual* Philae (robotic, essentially).
But adorable anthropomorphic robots are my soft spot (and fluffy kittens).

After being portrayed as so optimistic, cheerful, and excited, it's so sad to see her not being able to complete her mission...
It's not uncommon to see a space probe officially anthropomorphized, having its own Twitter feed and all.
As far as xkcd's Spirit anthropomorphization, Spirit was also really sad, but at least Spirit got to complete his mission.
Apparently, there was a Chinese moon probe that had tweeted something along the lines of "Goodnight, world. Goodnight, humanity." in its last moments.

"Rosetta? Are you there? Please help me. I'm scared. I'm dying and I'm scared. Please..."