Funny or Not?

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Funny or Not?

Postby jl3walsh » Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:27 pm UTC

I've been writing a humor website for about a year, and I'm wondering if my material is any good, or if it's like Peggy's newsletter on King of the Hill. I can't post a link yet, according to the rules, but following are a few examples. The idea is that flipping a coin is as good a way of resolving questions as other forms of divination, so ask yourself the question, and flip a coin if you want.

Should I listen to a new radio station today?
Heads Yes.
Tails No.
On Edge Rush would get lonely if I changed channels.

Is the universe finite with periodic boundaries or infinite?
Heads Finite with periodic boundaries.
Tails Infinite.
On Edge When I was your age, the universe was finite and unbounded, and everyone was a lot happier.

Do the iPhone commercials make me want to buy an iPhone 4?
Heads Yes.
Tails No.
On Edge What woman would tell her husband that he made her pregnant over the phone? Wait. I should rephrase that.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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