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My book

Postby rainen » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:54 am UTC

As I said in my intro post, I'm writing a book. As of now I don't have much, (I'm not even done the first chapter yet and I have at least twelve planned) but for the sake of getting input and constructive criticism I post what I have online in forums:
Existence, Always there yet never understood. Reality, assumed to be understood, but how do you know if what you perceive is true? Life, such a fickle and ambiguous term. Energy, when all is destroyed what else remains but this? Knowledge, common sense, intellect, without one can there be any other? Power, all things strive for power. Power is what causes things to exist. Everything that you know may not be what it seems. So can you really believe in anything? I trust in fate and the ability to trust in my own mind. But what happens when you are unable to do just that? Throughout my life all things were questioned, all things were fought over, all things were challenged. When you think about it the only constant is the unchanging order to the madness. That as well as the constant unending search for truth and knowledge. When neither can be held, life is not worth living. Verus universitas dico proeliator. Exsisto promptus
those last few words are latin.
Chapter one: The awakening
Rainen woke up from his trance just in time to see the clock show ten minutes untill the end of school. It was the last day of his junior year, and he could barely contain himself, as he was waiting to get home. Next to him sat a girl named Lailya, also a junior. Rainen normally teased her about how she was slightly shorter than him and how she always was just a little too thin. Her light brown hair clashed with her silvery eyes as well as her clothing, whether it was a dark t-shirt that was a size too small and blue jean shorts that never went above her thighs or during the colder months a blue or green sweater with pants that never covered her ankles. When there were only a few minutes left in the period and it seemed that the gray walls and tiled floors were going to crush them, locking them away forever, Lailya leaned over and whispered in a low voice, “Hey Rain,” before returning to her original position.
Rainen looked around quickly, making sure the teachers weren't watching, before he whispered back to her. “Yeah, Lai?”
She looked back at him and noticed how for the past few years he had never really gained any weight. She also realized that he could still fit into the same blue and white strip polo's that he had gotten at the beginning of high school. She caught herself judging his face like she does so many times and wondering how his eyes managed to look like the ocean, how his hair seems to change from light brown to dark brown, even how his nose is round and doesn't stand out.
When she thought he saw her looking at him she turned away and said, “There's gonna be a meteor show tonight, wanna come over to my house to watch it?”
Rainen whispered back but his voice cracked. This prompted a few students to look directly at him, snickering. While their teacher, Mr. Harrin looked up from his desk, staring directly at Rainen who laughed every time his wispy gray hair stood up, and yelled, “Rainen! How many times do I have to tell you, shut up in study hall!”
A few of the students laughed, some of them even making obnoxious comments, and the teacher stared at each and every one of them until they were silent.
Rainen looked down at his book bag and muttered in a slightly raised voice, “Sorry Mr. H!”
After a couple of minutes Lailya smirked and looked over at Rainen, speaking in a chiding voice, and said, “Ya know, I almost wonder how you manage to keep out of trouble some times. Ever since last year, when you almost failed, you’ve been constantly getting in trouble.”
“Shut up...”
Lailya looked the other way and spoke as if she was pouting, “Don't tell me to shut up”
Another minute passed and Rainen looked up at Lailya and nudged her, smiling playfully. She smiled back at him and said, “Any whay Juliun is coming too.”
Time seemed to stand still as Rainen stared at the clock. When the second hand stopped moving he let out a groan like so many other students in the classroom. The minute hand jumped and soon after the bell rang. Every single student left their classrooms and started running off to their buses and cars so that they could finally begin their summer vacation.
Lailya and Rainen walked out of study hall behind the rush so as to not get caught up in the madness. As they passed the English wing a rather short yet thin boy with fiery red hair came running out of a classroom with a small slip of paper. Rainen smirked at him and said, “Sup Juliun"
"The usual man, nothin but the usual.” After a short conversation explaining the paper Lailya, Juliun and Rainen walk out of the school building and down the road to Lailya's house.
"I don't get how you get summer school every single year Juliun.” Rainen looked down at the piece of paper as they walked out of the building. Behind them a few girls screamed and a couple of boys came running down the hall way laughing and covering their noses.
"I don't suppose that was you again Juliun?" Lailya glared at Juliun which caused him to wince so he looked the other way.
After a few minutes, Lailya sped up a little and walked over the grass of a moderately sized yard up to a moderately sized house with an eggshell paint covering it. The curtains were painfully red and all the shutters were carbon black. It had beige shingles so the entire appearance of the house was just strange and unusual. Juliun and Rainen sauntered up and as soon as Lailya went inside Juliun nudged Rainen and said, “You do realize the only reason I'm here is so that she could get you to come right?"
Rainen let out a soft chuckle and smirked while he said, “Yea you keep telling me that she likes me but honestly I could never see us dating. Not after how long we've known each other. Remember what I said about dating friends?"
Juliun laughed, mimicked Rainen's voice and said, “When you date a friend you never get that friend back."
After he laughed a little more he simply said, “That has got to be one of your stupidest lines ever."
Rainen smiled and pushed Juliun through the door. Juliun hid behind the door and tried to trip Rainen as he walked through but Rainen caught himself on Juliun and they both went down. Lailya walked into the room with her hair tied up and simply said, “You boys need to grow up," before leaving the room and going upstairs. Juliun got up and walked over to Lailya's laptop and opened up pinball. Rained got up off the floor to go sit on the couch. After a few seconds of thought he said, “You really need to find something else to do."
"I would but she's got nothing to do."
"Hey guys check out what I got!" Lailya walked downstairs holding a Nintendo Wii.
"Please tell me you have some sort of fighting game.” Juliun looked over with an expectant look in his eye and Rainen just smiled and rested his head on his hands.
"I got smash bro's. There's only two controllers though so you're going to have to wait awhile. I wanna play the story mode with Rainen first."
"Well since when do I even want to play"
"I don't know, maybe because you talked about it nonstop for over an hour the last time we went to the mall?"
"I moved on. I'm into RTS games and tactical games now."
Lailya hit Rainen on the arm and in a controlling tone said, “Well we're playing smash bro's and that's that."
Rainen smiled and said in a joking tone, “shut up."
"Don't tell me to shut up."
"Any whay I'll just hook this up and we can start playing."
"Crap! I lost!" Juliun frowned and Lailya gave him the death stare. After a few seconds, Lailya turned away and hooked her Wii up to the T.V.
Rainen turned away and thought to himself, “This is going to be an interesting summer.” For the next hour Rainen and Lailya played smash bro's and Juliun silently played pinball on Lailya's laptop. An hour later, the meteor shower started and two hours after that Lailya got up and said, “Alright lets go get the stuff and head up to the roof. We'll be able to see it better from up there.” Juliun and Lailya went up to Lailya's room and started grabbing various items. Juliun got a tan colored blanket and Lailya grabbed some pillows while Rainen put some drinks and snacks in a cooler. Lailya pulled a ladder down from the ceiling near her room and they brought the items up with them and onto the roof. When they were finished arranging everything to Lailya's satisfaction Lailya laid down on the edge of the blanket. Juliun went down to lie in the middle but once again Lailya gave him the death stare. He nonchalantly slid over to the other side of the blanket and after rolling his eyes Rainen sat down in the middle. , “Hey Rainen.” Juliun leaned over and whispered quietly so as to not disturb Lailya who was dosing off next to Rainen, “Yea man?" Rainen checked to make sure he didn't disturb Lailya as he too leaned closer to Juliun.
"You do realize she likes you a lot right?" Juliun spoke as if he was being sarcastic in order to make it seem like Rainen already knew.
"Yea but she doesn't want to ask me anything about it cause of what I've always said.” Rainen leaned back over to a neutral position and accidentally nudged Lailya, “What's going on? Was I asleep?" Lailya propped herself on an elbow and looked down at Rainen.
"Yea. You're the one that wanted to see this right?" Rainen looked up and smiled at her as if he knew what she really wanted.
“Hey check that out!” Lailya pointed up towards a shooting star that seemed to be growing.
Rainen looked up and said, "That one must be coming this way."
The star slowly got bigger and after a few seconds Juliun stood up and shouted, "It's coming right for us!"
"Did you really have to say it like so dramatically?" Lailya rolled her eyes and Rainen kept staring at the star, watching it grow. Within a minute after they first noticed it, the star burst into flames and came hurtling towards the three. Rainen felt a sharp pain in his mind but he quickly ignored it due to the excitement. Lailya started screaming as it got closer and closer. Julian kept pesting Lailya and eventually she punched him in the arm and they both stopped making noise. The entire time up until the point it hit the earth Rainen sat in silence, his eyes transfixed on the ball of fire that seemed to keep growing.
“I’m gonna go check it out. You two stay here” Rainen eased himself back into the attic and quickly ran downstairs. When he got outside he looked up and saw Lailya and Juliun looking down at him from the edge of the roof. He stepped into the crater that the rock left and thought for a moment that it seemed way too small for the size of the rock. As he got closer he noticed a bluish-green glow coming from the center and all at once a myriad of visions flooded his mind. He fell over writhing in pain right next to the rock and passed out.
“Rainen! Are you ok?!” Lailya shouted out and Juliun quickly made his way to Rainen. Lailya soon followed after she realized he wasn’t moving.
“He just passed out right as he got close to the rock.” Juliun looked up at Lailya as she slowly walked up to where Rainen was lying down. She looked towards the rock and kicked it, revealing what seemed to be a pendant. It was in the shape of a dragon that was wrapped around a bluish-green gem which emitted a dull glow. As soon as she reached to pick it up she felt an immense heat. The whole time that went on Juliun was staring directly at an etching on the side of the gem that read, “Mystic”.
Just as soon as he fell over, Rainen jolted awake screaming. , “Go away!” He broke down and started breathing heavily as Lailya came over to hold him still. He looked back up and said, “That thing just played a movie in my head. I saw this human like being trapped in a rock and an entire planet made out of metal. I also saw these creatures that looked like Hyenas but they had all kind of crazy features.”
“Dude you really need to stop watching those horror movies.” Juliun looked at Rainen and slowly reached for the pendant. He noticed that it got hotter as his hand got closer but he still went to grab for it. The instant that it touched his skin he cried out and pulled his hand away. The skin that came in contact with it was charred and red and all he could say was, “it’s still burning hot, don’t touch it.” As he licked his finger.
Rainen looked at the pendant again, staring at it, wondering why he saw those images the second he got close to it. Before he knew what he was doing he reached out for it and as soon as his hand closed around the gem in its center a voice filled his head. “Your destiny starts now Rainen. Follow the visions and your instincts. You’re the only one that can fulfill the duties that come with the power so don’t squander them.”
Rainen looked around out of instinct and then thought, “Yea ok, I’ll just listen to this voice in my head explaining to me some weird necklace that came in a meteorite. I think I’ll just put myself in a crazy house now and save myself the trouble.”
Rainen fell to the ground writhing in pain. Juliun and Lailya who were stunned jumped up and tried to comfort Rainen. “What’s wrong Rainen? What’s wrong? Please just say something.
In the mean time the voice filled Rainen’s head again. “I told you once and I’ll tell you again. Do not take this lightly! You must learn and master your abilities quickly. There is far too much at stake for you to be playing around. Now listen, I have a few messages for you. The images you have seen will make sense as your power grows. The Mystic Pendant you have been given will amplify your abilities and allow you greater control over the energies that you will have to command. I cannot stress it enough that you have to learn much and quickly. Time is a luxury that you do not have. When your preliminary training is complete I will send you to where I reside. Now, I have one final message for you. When the time comes you must leave everything you know and even things you don’t know yet. You must not hold onto anything because you will lose everything many, many times.” The voice faded and Rainen stood up. He stared off into space as if he was sleeping. He heard the voices of Lailya and Julian, fear in Julian’s voice, urgency in Laila’s. He slowly walked inside and sat down on the sofa. Lailya sat next to him and he just stared off into space for what seemed like hours. What did he mean by I will lose everything many, many times… Jack said his goodbyes to Lailya and went home. Eventually Lailya put a nearby blanket over Rainen and went upstairs to her room. After awhile Rainen to sleep. He had strange dreams of an island covered by water. It was inhabited by various marine life as well as dolphins that could communicate using telepathy as well as push objects with sonar blasts. One of the dolphins that stood out in his mind above all of them was a young dolphin named Econ. Even among the other dolphins it was special. It could swim underwater endlessly without ever needing a breath. Econ was chosen by an entity that was known only by its double helix appearance to help it restore its full form before the planet was overrun by a strange alien creature. His mind flashed and he recognized the same hyena like creature that he saw in his visions when he first came close to the Mystic Pendant. Once again his mind flashed only this time he saw a planet inhabited by humans and dragons. He saw an immensely sized gold dragon, a bronze dragon and a human man and woman. They were gathered around a black egg that seemed to be quivering. Suddenly, the egg turned to dust and the dragons threw their heads to the sky and flames protruded from their mouths. Once again his mind shifted and once more he saw a ghastly figure trapped in stone. The figure seemed to move from within the stone and before he realized what he was seeing a huge red light appeared behind what was now a figure frozen in a bluish green ice. The vision shifted and before he knew it he saw a human life figure in black armor with overly pale skin holding a blood red orb in its hand. The figure held up its empty hand up and Rainen’s vision seemed to go spiraling into an abyss. Once more a figure appeared in his vision. It looked just like he did only it had blue hair and its eyes were a bright teal. It wore teal and gold colored armor with a helmet the shape of a dragons head and what seemed to be fins protruded from the shoulders, wrists and knees of the armor. It held a sword that was a dark blue and let off a light that seemed to create a void of all things that existed. The figure held the sword up high and a bright light the color of the ocean exploded in all directions. When it subsided all he saw was a single planet in an empty abyss. The planet came closer and suddenly he was on it, flying parallel to the ground, to fast to understand anything of what he was seeing. When the rush of colors ended he saw the same figure that held the sword and it was talking to what seemed like a very old man. Near them was a forest that seemed to go on till the ends of the planet. The mysterious figure waved to the old man and entered the forest. Once more his vision went to a blur and once more he saw the figure in a clearing holding a gem the same color as his eyes. The mysterious person held the gem up to the sky and it suddenly disappeared. The man burst into a bright blue-green light and when it faded he was wearing the same armor and holding the same sword as he was before. The figure rose up into the sky and let loose a blast that split the planet into countless pieces. Time blurred by and he witnessed the creation of galaxies from the primordial soup of the broken planet. Once more his vision changed and he saw a massive black hole. A blue-green light seeped into the event horizon as well as what his mind perceived as dark matter. The hole collapsed in on itself and when he could make sense of things once more, he saw the same figure that held the blood red orb. Once more it put its empty hand up to him and once more he flew into the abyss.

day 2 (not a separate chapter, I just split it up so you don't have a massive wall of text every time you open the spoiler. Now it's just two somewhat smaller massive walls of text)
“Rainen wake up!” Lailya was shaking Rainen and nearby him was the blanket thrown to the ground. Sun was coming in through the windows and soft white clouds flew along in the sky. A cloud covered the sun for a few seconds as a bird flew by the window and Rainen let out a sigh of relief. Lailya stood over him with her hands on her hips and her head cocked slightly to one side. Her face radiated signs of annoyance that Rainen wasn’t moving and once more she said,
“Get up already you’ve been asleep for like, thirteen hours by now.” Rainen yawned and rubbed his eyes. He stood up and stretched his back out, cringing as it cracked multiple times.
“Al’right I’m up. After what happened last night you’d think you would just let me sleep until I was ready to wake up.” Lailya shifted a little and frowned.
“I was gonna wake you up an hour ago but you looked so peaceful. When I came down a few minutes ago you were tossing and turning and your blanket was on the floor, and can you take that necklace off already? It’s got something weird going on. I went to slap you but as soon as I got within a foot of it my hand started to get hot. As soon as I backed off the heat went away.”
Rainen sat back down and said, “Whenever I think about taking this thing off I get a sharp pain in my head. I was going crazy because I was having this crazy dream about three people and three planets and when I first got close to this thing I got some crazy visions and this voice was talking to me in my head and told me it is called the Mystic Pendant. I’m no expert but when that kind of stuff happens you’re either crazy, dreaming or some alien with super powers needs you to do something. It’s obvious that I’m dreaming so let me wake up already.”
Lailya rolled her eyes and slapped Rainen in the back of the head. Rainen cringed at the blow and said, “Alright, fine I’m not dreaming. Will ya stop trying to hurt me already?”
Rainen leaned to the side and closed his eyes for a moment. He thought back to his dream and realized how much the blue haired person looked like him. Lailya gave up on being mad and sat down next to Rainen. She turned her Wii on and got Rainen to play games with her again. After awhile the doorbell rang. “Looks like Juliun is here,” Lailya went over to the door and unlocked it.
As she did so Juliun barged in with an enormous smile on his face. When Rainen asked him what was going on he said, “I’m number one on the leader boards!” Lailya rolled her eyes and punched Juliun on the arm. Juliun held his arm and screamed mockingly while Rainen stood up to walk around a little and stretch his legs.
“I got an idea,” Rainen stopped pacing and looked over at Lailya and Juliun, “Let’s make a bonfire or something tonight.”
Lailya stopped glaring at Juliun for a few seconds to say, “Sounds good to me. My dad keeps wood in the basement.” For the next hour the three brought wood up to Lailya’s backyard. Rainen continued to get pulsing pains in his head. He thought nothing of them as he always seemed to have a pain going on in his body. Once they were finished clearing a spot by the pool to have the fire a vision flashed through Rainen's mind. All he could make out was what looked like robes and an outstretched hand with the palm facing upwards seeming to be holding a levitating ball of fire.
The figure spoke in a calm, crisp voice that said nothing more then, "Your time of awakening has come. Time is not a luxury you may squander so learn fast young guardian." Before he made sense of what he heard, he lifted his hand, pointing his palm at the fire and a spark flew off of a small branch. Seconds later the branch burst into flames. Lailya walked out with Juliun following closely behind, carrying a cooler.
"Oh good, you got the fire going already!"

As of now I'm editing what I have. Once I'm done I'll re post that and then Any new storyline will be written in a new spoiler.

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