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Postby GrawSith » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:18 am UTC

Hi guys. My brother and I recently had a conversation about our friends constantly reciting their ideas for stories. It seemed that we wanted our friends to put these ideas into action, after some time we decided to create a website where people can write their stories and share them with other people. I suggested that we should implement it as a wiki (but with user content being read-only to everyone but the author), so that users can collaborate with each other and help each other out with help and advice pages.

The site itself is a modified DokuWiki, with plugins for Facebook buttons, page comments and recaptcha. It's in a very basic state right now, with little documentation and only a rough idea of where everything goes. But if you want to give me your opinion (or criticism) on the concept or the execution, I'd very much appreciate it. I figured I should ask for input before we spend too much time on it.


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