New Stuff Once A Day, Every Day :D

Think your art is better or your stick figures worse? Got a link to a site you want to share? Post it here!

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New Stuff Once A Day, Every Day :D

Postby Uninfinity » Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:28 am UTC

I made a website almost two months ago! It's still being worked on, but it's in full working order, regardless.


I'm trying this thing where I draw a picture every day and then post it on the site.
I've kept this up for over a month now! :D

(Some, if not most, if not all of the stuff I draw sucks. Sorry. Plus, I only have like less than an hour a day to draw these things, so...)

Some examples....



My friend, Connor, has some stuff on the site as's pretty funny stuff.

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