A love poem

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A love poem

Postby dhokarena56 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:09 am UTC

It is entitled "Serc", and it is a love poem addressed to my history teacher.

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I. Cride

Raheł er Raheli

ἐκ Ραχέλην venerunt

then three and one and another are two and one

or to hope

that one IS three and one



d'où qu'elle est

I and she is not.

o ha ha

its so irrational

drain the river elves fill up the river


filling with filler

heart filler

in the river where we drown

we drown, we drown

all of us drown together

i do not


with her

and where SHE is from SHE is not.

Reason assigned

and reason believed

and believed too is passion

to the assigner of reason

destroing reason

the passion unknown

and the reason exalted

are one

is or nída?


7ace to Face

and Face to 7ace

Drang drang

to fall fall


arms her arms



an dhun dhin

dhun, dhin

dhin, dhun

one ago on two

the cookie said to me

and she smiled

and none ago on twenty and something born

(or twenty and something ago nothing born)

at hug it is hard to remember

5 in one and 3 on 1 and 2 and 1 on 2

then the blood

out out

whyi deed ye

the back the back

wherein what is conceived after twenty and something then it does not conceive and still is wanted

and we

that is i

picked the violets

of (and or) hwæt we ate there there is no more

there there

there, there? hie is he and then hie new is born scæ and scæ is neither he nor hie are

or (and of) what we wish to eat

we may not touch

the king may not

may not

king of nothing

fall fall




(her) her


II. Ingen

Dhin dhun


I is yesterday and II is now

to walk in

that we may eat what we want

and what we want

we may not eat

dhun dhin

first we go

and then we eat

and second we go

take the cookie

V cookie

a budget cookie

or i say

a stale cookie

open broken

shattered cookie

people are attracted

by your delicate features

softly ṡoftly

smile ṡmile


eyebrow eyes

rosca caéna

walk in

(have) walked in

here's the birthday girl!

is related to me

what to get her

what together

hug her hug

yes a hug

you need a hug (i love you)

then the turtle

the turtle flies away

again the sunsetting

at ten a friday night

the lonesome

cuddle cuddle thru the window into the flat


wait wait

cannot wait

lobhaḥ lobhaḥ tvaṃ lubhyami

poke poke

and eyebrows raised confuse the heart

to say 'Rakhel sru ħu yeʔ mum ħwim ħaun'

we go to the field of battle

in war (a cridiu) can not be won



2 fights and does not know and 1 fights but may not be known to fight


be slaughtered but by no army


past many Cubas and the same-named clear mountain dyed red (to be continued)

but no be kicked out all is lost

die die die die

live? live? live? live?

and we long for those before us

for there is no more MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!

Charge for the panda.

Cry "creepy" and let loose the panda of war

now for what panda is shouter live and where pandas are none are

but for whom no panda is there is no love and for whom panda is screamed there is and panda is not love

the music sent by umpteen is to think of umpeteen and some more used

μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ

μῆνιν, μῆνιν


ἔρως Ῥαχελῇ





tewe reh2ḱelos ne h1esti




III. The hies and the scæ

In the

In the beginning

Hibernia wæs. Native Hibernia

Nay- ere Hibernia *waz the country road

Sister of the assigneress the road

And now we wander down.

Then native Hibernia blonde and prickly

I the great mathematician and advice was given be not.

Then on against York in true Hereford wæs.

True Hereford I say, and there was truth.

Truth Cymrian as did they run away to join true Hereford.

And he veered off the course to say what did I think and he was right

but there was man

Later did I write but nay hie said (the hie rational) nay taken.

And on Ulawa and Sa'apo and when hie wæs those the bēc used

And nay again.

And then scæ not hie is met had been hired but scæ is not THAT scæ yet

nay yet

nay yet we scæl get to scæ!

ḫaḫa will hie we will

then do we to nine come as should be eight for eight is twice and four and five are one and zero is zero.

There hie wæs o o pretty and smart no?

and the group in the hūs of bēc and the pretty eyes i to dinner took and dance but did not dance.

HIE seized hie in fedora

but o non sumus sororēs

but then HE seized hie in fedora

o i forget myself

well then þæt?

this hie wæs with karel and not carl no other hie with carl wæs.

nothing in nine remember I

the summer

the summer the summer there are two

first from ængland

but hie yelled and hated

second- oh why do i say

hie is scæ in my mind

but gone

i dance i dance i cannot say

fall sick, and she is gone away

gone gone o gone

note written written write again

ic lufie þē

and said hie lied to me

o why?

and then dekm then dekm

but first after dekm

ah yah i loved dinner that the only dinner (perhaps i might have paid) ĀC

let's remain friends

then (diediediedielivelivelivelive!) i love you

i am not sure that i do


kai mikrophthalmaporne m'eromais but she is far

far far they are all far

and now sarai sarae

first the many camps o i know you not

now ice mountain ah sorry i've someone else

oh and hai i'm a quiz bowl girl

my teammate says you're scary

perhaps. have tea.


o hai!

and notice what may not be, wish what may not be wanted

were YOU my competition

fighting me for the right

to run your fingers through her hair

and look into her eyes?

non. je suis seul en ça.

beauty appreciated by what cannot appreciate it

no better than beauty appreciated not

what are you crazy

you don't want to

run your fingers through her shining hair and stare into her eyes

crazy call

do you are you

night night

im nočen sonai dy ilat žiraču

climb into the window and say

"je suis ton amor, venu pour te tenir"

řo, řo! i write i write eř lübao notcharaimm twe lubhyemi EI ŽINA ESË.



and maybe on the morrow

the morrow the morrow

there is no morrow there is only now

et tē credō ut sit

credō credō

eh3 reh2ḱele

i offer up my innocence

i am repaid with scorn

a hug a hug aye a hug

the turtle the turtle

the awkward turtle to my mind and there it lays its eggs

pay attention pay attention

say yes say yes yes ma'am

o but i was looking

your eyes your eyes

you can't she's not your age

what's age what's age

eyes have no age love no age...

o you know those carnations of february i shall send one

you cannot they do not work that way

what's love that's not expressed?

i don't care you can't have it

i'll die if i cannot

die! sayeth friends

die! sayeth the law

die! sayeth good advice

die! do i hope scæ scæl not say

hwæt doth scæ say? think?

on chnleqde mbbôth

on nlîth xôp mbbôthsh qôch li on ndud

pax sedet in corda illae

o corda cordam illae volo nunc

non possum habere.

non possum

non possum

non possum

mors amori

mors amoris

mors amore

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