Happy 23

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Happy 23

Postby dirkman » Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:52 am UTC

Dirk V: Today is 23.
Q: wtf does this mean.
Dirk V: In nine days it will be 27.
Q: i'll let some other rocket scientist figure out this code. i'm out.
Dirk V: The next day, it will be 31.
Q: i hate you.
Dirk V: Yes.
Jaleh T: wtf? explain it dirk- not all of us are highlight wearing rocket scientists.
Dirk V: what does your husband do for a living again?
Q: is this the twilight zone?
Dirk V: No, but it would help if I knew what line of work your husbands are in.
Jaleh T: my husband is a senior software engineer with a financial exchange.
Dirk V: Ask him.
Dirk V: BTW, Jaleh, your christmas card survived the New Year's Day purge. Making the fridge you first year is quite an achievement. You should all be very proud.
Thomas M: So binary is still that foreign?
Jaleh T: He said today is 31 in binary code. I say (once again) "I'm pretty and I can match colors."
Dirk V: ‎@Tom: SHhhhh. I want to see if I need to make fun of Jaleh's husband.

@Jaleh, tell him that if he can't figure it out, I will have to contact tech support at his company through the nerd-network and have them recategorize him as a Class L user.
Dirk V: Armistice day this year will be 63! Wow, that doesn't happen more than once a century! What a great time to be alive.
Dirk V:And by the time we get to 0x2B, there will only be 20 shopping days until Halloween!
Thomas M: 010111 is 23, 1111 is 15, 00011111 is 31
Dirk V: @Jaleh: Tell him about Armistice Day! He'll be so excited! 0x3F!
Dirk V: @Jaleh: Whoa, whoa, whoa - he said TODAY was 31? Class L.
Thomas M: I prefer the MM/DD/YY date format, so the date stands at 23
Dirk V: Exactly. It's much more Y2K-unfriendly, and I hate COBOL programmers.
Dirk V: All COBOL programmers are Class L users.
Thomas M: OK so we can change to hex?
Dirk V: WHY do you think I said Armistice Day was 0x3F?
Dirk V: I want the xkcd guy to see this thread.
Thomas M: I think we need to rotate depending on the year and in what base it should be represented. Like the Chinese calendar telling you it's the year of the pig, the Nerd calendar tells you it's the year of hexadecimal.
Kris V: There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't
Dirk V: So, xx01 should be in binary, xx10 should be in octal, and xx11 in hex?
Thomas M: It seems to me a marketable idea. Is marketable a word?
Dirk V: Oh god yes. Ask any senior software engineer at a financial exchange.

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