Creative Block and Dream Imagery

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Ralph Slatton
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Creative Block and Dream Imagery

Postby Ralph Slatton » Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:40 am UTC

Whenever I venture into a new line of artwork, I tend to have self doubts. I hope some of you artists out there may have good solutions to overcoming these. The white of the paper, or in my case the shiny surface of a copper plate, is so hard to fill, especially when exploring a completely new line of inquiry. I am a printmaker most of the time and enjoy etching on the surface of a copper plate, then printing these images. I've been working with unusual fantasy animals for a lot of years. and am just now moving more toward landscapes. Sorry, I don't have any examples to show. At the moment they are still in my head and have arisen, strangely enough, in some of my recurring dreams. I'm finding a huge problem in acquiring visual source materials to adequately inform my new ideas. Sure, I could make stuff up, as with my animal work, but I really want to bring out more of the essence of the actual dream, even at the expense of traditional notions of design. I once knew a former grad student who kept a dream journal. She would jot down all her dreams, since grade school, and would create art based on this. If any of you do this, please talk to me about it. At the moment, I'm gathering all the ideas and experiences I can find about working with dream imagery.

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