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Comic Math Directory

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:39 pm UTC
by ComicMath
Hey everyone, I've just created a new directory of math comics at I also have some cool math videos up there.

The site will also be the home of the upcoming webcomic Zara vs the SATwhich you can read about in the production blog.

Right now, since the site is so new, I could really use your suggestions for what comics, videos and other content that I am currently missing.


Re: Comic Math Directory

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:06 am UTC
by ComicMath
Hey guys, I know someone out there has a favorite comic about math. You know that one you cut out and pasted onto your wall from Fox Trot or the like. It would really help me to hear your favorite comics about math.

I've committed myself to finding every Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts cartoon about math ever. So I have about 65 years of comics to go through between the two:-) Poor me:P But I need your suggestions for other comics cause that's eating up my free time that I use for the site.