Original Photoshop Art

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Original Photoshop Art

Postby kazvorpal » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:38 pm UTC

I did a search for "photoshop", to find a thread where people post their own photoshopped graphics, but didn't see one.

It seems like a fun thread, to me, although I should be doing this from home where my spiffiest designs are.

So I'm inviting everyone else to post their own original photoshopped pics on this thread.

If there's already a thread like this, please move this post there. If I'm wrong that a thread where people post their own original graphics under a specific theme is on-topic, then delete it (but let me know).

Anyway, these are all pics in the "been photoshopped" sense of taking existing pics and changing them to look really different. Bunny ears and feathers on a fish sort of stuff.

I will readily admit this pic of myself all buff isn't the best, I threw it together to be my avatar for some superhero webgame...but I find it endlessly amusing.
musc-closer.jpg (27.58 KiB) Viewed 3581 times

This graphic is actually used on Wikipedia, but I maked it. It actually looks better scaled down for the thumbnail in the article. Sadly, most of the ones I can grab while illicitly posting from behind my client's firewall are not at their intended resolution.


I made this for a friend's profile. A recent "find other sizes" search turned up dozens of people using it for THEIR profile pics, on various sites. It's funny how it's the ones I throw together that people end up liking.
5860596448_0d7a4a27b4_m.jpg (26.7 KiB) Viewed 3581 times

Another one that shows up on a bunch of sites, via google image. An Anarcho-capitalist flag I made, for this page [url]http://butnowyouknow.wordpress.com/rights/workers-rights-manifesto/[/url]

I'm skipping over most of my political ones, but I'm pretty sure nobody's left who seriously identifies with the neocons...so here's a movie poster spoof.

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