Kindle Screensavers and Such

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Kindle Screensavers and Such

Postby orangustang » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:29 pm UTC

Hello, folks. I've been reading xkcd for years, but I only recently began regularly using the forums (I would sometimes peek in with a mobile device to see what the hover text said, however). Now that I've reached the 5 post minimum, I suppose it's time to do some shameless self-promoting.

I run the website E-Reader Backgrounds. The site hosts screensaver and wallpaper images for the Kindle, nook, and other e-readers with the same 600x800 E Ink screens. I am currently working on expanding the site to include images for the new tablets that have been coming out (1024x600 color).

Over the past year, I've made this site as a side project entirely in PHP by myself, with a few image contributions from others. It is my first foray into PHP, and my biggest programming undertaking to date. I manually edit the full images, then I use Python 2.7 with PIL to create thumbnails and nook 1st edition backgrounds automatically. Once I upload the images, the PHP already in place automatically lists them. Since there are a lot of coders here, I especially hope to get some helpful criticism by posting on this forum. Is there anything you would do differently? Let me know what you think!


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