Something I wrote [poem]

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Something I wrote [poem]

Postby fearless » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:10 pm UTC

because I haven't been having the best of luck lately. In fact, my life is pretty shit right now and I hate it. Poetry is kind of like an outlet for me - whenever I get super emotional, I write. I don't have a title for it yet.

When Optimism is diffused and Life is a mess
When the Spirit is dampened and the Soul is in distress
When Night conspires to keep Dawn out of reach
There will be no more vacations on the beach.

Rising bubbles of Suffocation in my chest
Up and down a rollercoaster nest
I try to seize Control – Control eludes me
Instead, it precipitates Insecurity.

Bad things happen, it is pointless to dwell
But Logic does not dictate what the Heart compels
This feeling of Sadness strongly overwhelms
If only I could escape to a magical realm

Where Reality is not compounded with Regret
Where the scales don’t tip to the side of Debt
Where I can see my reflection and smile
And for once, be happy, just for a little while.

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