Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

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Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby Savoy_Truffle » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:34 pm UTC

Wow, this is slightly embarrassing, even for me (who isn't shy about belting dirty Latin poetry in front of hundreds of people), but let's give it a go....

So I'm:
Age: 19
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 220lbs

Though, and here's the strange thing, I'm proportional, so it actually doesn't look that I'm that obese, and I'm not at the point where it slows me down, but I want to see if I can get to look smaller/handle more. I'm not trying to make excuses because I know I'm massively overweight and want to change it.

The Problem: A sample of my usual schedule-- (any breaks are noted such, otherwise, assume times continue into each other)

7:30am: Wake up. Pack things for class.
8:00pm: Shower, pick clothes, pick different clothes : )
9:00am: Run downstairs for quick breakfast (cereal, small bit of eggs, herbal tea)
9:50am: Class
11:00am: Work
12:00am: Work/Class (depending on the day)
1:00: Work
2:00: Class
6:00: Dinner break (dorm is a ways out of my way and I typically find myself being early to:
7:00: Rehearsal (every day, for various things)
10:00: Homework time!
12:00am - 2:00am: Sleep?

In other words (and I'm not unhappy about this) I'm taking the max. units for my double major (one of which has a double concentration), singing for two choirs and an acting troupe, and working as general music/choral librarian *and* the Department Chairman's personal assistant.

When I *do* get to meals, my rule is that half the plate must be spinach salad with about a tablespoon of ranch dressing, a handful of pasta (except macaroni), chicken of some sort, and I have to always be able to see the plate beneath. Unfortunately, meals happen so inconsistently, that I think I've pretty much screwed up my metabolism (hopefully not for good, but it's definitely not happy). I know about how you should eat several small meals a day, but, again, when I spend so much time in my department that I hardly see the sun, I don't usually get a chance to get away to grab an apple -- I've started bringing stuff, but there's only so much I can stuff into my backpack before it all turns into a booky-pulpy-fruity mess.

tl;dr: I'm fat and unhappy with my image. I have virtually no time for meals. Has anyone made it work for them? Thanks so much, guys!
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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby Mighty Jalapeno » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:40 pm UTC

We're in the same boat... I am incredibly busy pretty much 24/7 (even now I am feeding two kids in between postings). I am trying to find time to exercise, and am taking steps to shore up my diet with the dykes and bulwarks of healthy eating (I just wanted to use dykes in a sentence). When the newbie starts sleeping more at night (or sleeping at ALL at night) I'll have more time, but you seem just as packed as me right now.

You seem like you have some time from 8 to 9. Showering an dressing takes about 8 minutes for me, that leaves enough time pre-shower for an aerobic workout of some sort (exercise bike, running in circles, resistance bands, etc).

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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby rachel » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:48 pm UTC

I know that with a crazy schedule like that, waking up earlier seems like the worst thing you could ever do, but if you could get up at seven rather than seven-thirty and have a walk for twenty minutes, then a healthy breakfast (seriously, dudes, breakfast is important). Try to have a lunch, but not a big one. If you have to skip a meal, make it dinner. I try not to eat after six, just because after six there is little to no real activity happening, so it's just sitting calories. Make little changes, like taking the stairs when you can. This is going to sound really dorky, but buy a lunchbox to keep healthy snacks in and a water bottle that you keep constantly filled. Make sure you get enough rest. I'm not going to say GET EIGHT HOURS OR ELSE, because I know that doesn't work for everyone. I need between four and six hours a night, but my boss needs a full eight or nine. Everyone is different, find what works for you.

Also, I know it is not really my place to say, but lady (lady?) you have entirely too much on your plate. And I am not talking about foods. Rather than running yourself ragged, which is what it sounds like you're doing forreal, try breaking up your extra-curriculars where they are more manageable and not taking over your life. School and work are necessary evils and just those alone seem to take up about a million hours of your time every day. Piling on all sorts of activies on top of that is just going to wear you out. Don't abandon doing the things you love altogether, but just consider possibly changing up your week and picking and choosing the rehearsals you attend and don't go every day, or not for three hours. I'm sure the people you are singing/act-trouping with will understand that you're running yourself ragged here and need a break sometimes.

Don't get discouraged! Remember, baby steps. Don't expect yourself to start working out seven days a week right off the bat. Do what you can do for now, and work up to bigger things. And consider making more time for yourself to just chill out and rest for a minute.
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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby Johannes Factotum » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:18 pm UTC

If you are going to work out the best thing you could do (assuming you find them both fun) is the elliptical machine (it looks like you are skiing) or jogging. The elliptical is as far as I know the best machine for burning calories.

The easiest thing you could do is to drink about 5 or 6 bottles of water a day. This will end up burning a lot of calories. The downside is the number of pee breaks you will need to take.

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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby Visceroid » Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:47 am UTC

yeah I agree with the others you schedule looks way too busy. When I first started out at uni I was finding it difficult to find time to exercise and study. Then I got fed up and removed a few unnecessary activities from my life and made gym a priority. I first started working out 2-3 times a weeks, and I am now doing 3-4 sessions with a daily jog. It comes down to what you really want at the end of the day however?

I guess super diet control could work? I find that being the hardest though. Using the lunch box idea works well. I love pasta, but correct me if I'm wrong, pasta at night may be too high in carbohydrates if your not on a regular exercise schedule.

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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby The Ethos » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:03 am UTC

If it makes you feel any better....the only way to really lose weight is through diet. (Medically accurate)

Anecdotally, people will tell you that you need to exercise, you don't. You just need to take in less calories then you use.
If you're serious about losing weight, and you're pressed for time...you can make this easier on yourself in a couple of ways.

Try recording everything you eat. Just stick a notebook in your pocket. You may be amazed at the times that you're eating and didn't remember it later.
Get a scale, weigh yourself several times a day. Downward trends should make you feel great! Upward trends should mean that you need to pay attention!
EAT BREAKFAST. I can't tell you how often I tell this to a patient. If you eat breakfast, you're far less likely to binge down the road.
People have said this before, but start small. Park in the furthest spot, take the stairs instead of the elevator. There's plenty of equations online that can help you realize that the stairs everyday can be a whole pound of fat gone in 8 months.

Finally, DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. You're doing something about it. That should make you feel good. There's plenty of support online and IRL if you need it. Whether in organized groups, or in Calorie Count-like programs. Remember that to go from 140 at HS graduation to 180 in 20 years, that's ONE COOKIE EXTRA a day. ONE COOKIE A DAY can put all that on you. (How many calories in a pound of fat?)

Hope this helps.

Oh, one last thing. Remember to set a realistic goal. 10% body weight in 1 year is about as good as it gets. So start in increments, there's nothing wrong with yo-yo dieting. It just shows that you're making some progress!

Good luck!
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Re: Losing Weight with a Mad Schedule?

Postby Nath » Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:09 am UTC

That's quite a schedule. One option is to drop one of your singing/acting things and replace it with some physical activity. After all, there's only so much one can do in a day.

To echo Ethos, I've also read somewhere that diet is a more effective way to lose weight than exercise. Starving yourself is also a bad idea, though. I think that a sensible change of diet combined with a sensible amount of exercise is more healthy than a drastic change of diet combined with a drastic lack of exercise.

Also, note that salad isn't automatically healthy. Some of these dressings are pretty darn scary.

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