Suggestions on improvement?

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Suggestions on improvement?

Postby sikyon » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:55 pm UTC

Hi guys,

So I've commited to losing some weight, or just improving my body overall. I'd like some tips, if you would.

Reference Materials:

I am: 5' 6" (almost, 1/4" short) and ~167 lbs (male)

I go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, depending on how often my landlord goes. We usually go 2-3 hours. I spend the first hourish playing squash with my housemates and the second hourish doing weight training. Sometimes just weight training if nobody wants to play squash with me.

My last bench press was for 185 pounds, but I think I can go heavier to 205 if I just do sets of 4 instead of 7 or 8... we'll see tommorow night. To be fair though, my chest is abit more worked than the rest of me since I can only do lunges and pushups/upside-down wall pushups at home.

However, I'm not that happy with my weight. I know I'm overweight but I'm at that point where people can confortably tell me I'm not... there's a nice large handful I'd like to get rid of around the belly and thigh region.

To this end I've changed up my diet. I am lazy when it comes to cooking though, and I am emotionally attached to food - over the last few (2) weeks I've changed it abit but I still give in sometimes (though the frequency has reduced considerably and I'm on my way there).

My diet currently consists of:

Goals (per day):

1 Can light flaked tuna or 1 can beans or 2 fish fillets
a small handful of jerky, ~1 serving size according tot he bag (rinsed in hot water to get some of the salt out)
4 eggs/day - I am replacing this in my diet starting today though, since when I picked them I forgot how high in cholesterol they are

1 pack sidekicks (the kinds that don't require milk, ~600 cal per bag prepared)

about 3 or 4 servings of frozen veggies
1 apple
Baby Carrot snacks

In actuallity I think I supplement my diet with the following a day, with fluctuating values (listed here are the maximum):

Jelly beans - from the receptionist's desk, 3 beans/day
half a handful of cereal that I have in my cupboard as I browse it
a mouthful of skim milk from my not yet bad container in the fridge
Another 2 eggs
half a handful of hard shredded cheese

Wphew. I think maybe I just needed to get that out. Anyhow, I am looking for some dietary tips - good foods I can maybe mix in or alternate with. However, there are the following considerations:

I am a student. I am cheap.
I am a student (male). I am lazy.
I love to eat. I love it. I find that after having started this diet, I am often looking forward to my next meal. My best meals are, for some reason, reading the money section of CNN and gorging. I do have some self control though - the longest I have gone without food was 6 days in the woods, as part of a survival training course.
I think I'm making good headway hacking towards my goal, since the cravings have been brought better under control, but I need some variety to keep it interesting and prevent me from buying frozen pizzas on sale at the store for convenience/cheapness/deliciousness combinations.

Also of note is that I am on co-op working in a small town right now that has a limited grocery store. I can get the basics, but not specialty items (or they are much more expensive).


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Re: Suggestions on improvement?

Postby shocklocks » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:06 pm UTC

Ditch the low calorie, low fat and cholesterol mentality that most people have when they first start out trying to improve their body. It doesn't really seem like you've done very much looking around. Read up on some of the similar sounding threads in this forum. There's plenty o good stuff there.

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Re: Suggestions on improvement?

Postby Breezy42 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:58 pm UTC

Part of the problem with most approaches to dieting is that people deny themselves what they really love to eat, and then get bored with diet food and can't stick with it.

Some things to think about:
1. Protein is going to break down into sugars at a slower rate, thus making you feel full longer and can reduce the cravings for snacks.
2. This one is kinda obvious... to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Having beer and pizza is ok, but it means you'll have to work harder to burn off the extra calories. You may need to try reducing portion size, or increasing the frequency of your workouts to compensate.
3. This is not very scientific, but I find if I exercise early in the morning I make better food choices through the day. It works for me, so take it if it helps.

Obviously, I'm not a health professional, only a fitness freak. Hope some of that helps.

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