Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

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Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

Postby Rpgamer12 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:09 pm UTC

Hey everyone, I've decided to start a thread to track my progress as well as share my experiences and philosophies on fitness.

A bit about myself. I'm 23 years old and I live in Canada. Before I started losing weight I was 215 lbs and at a height of 5'8" I was definitely over weight and it was affecting my self esteem more than I'd like to admit. My diet consisted largely of fast food and anything I could pop in the microwave for a few minutes. My job (asbestos abatement) is fairly physical so I managed to stay at a reasonable weight(not obese).

In early December last year (2011) I decided to change my life and become healthier and to not be embarrassed to have my shirt off. I don't know exactly what triggered the health kick, but I'm glad I stuck with it. The beginnings were shakey as I read everything I could to help me on my journey. I quickly found out that for every piece of advice you read, there is another piece of advice from an equally valid source contradicting the first. It was confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out the right way to do things. I have gained much knowledge and insight and I feel ready to share what has worked for me.

Here's my progress from Dec - July.

Getting Started and willpower:I'll start off by saying take a before picture, you'll regret it if you don't no matter what you look like now (I still look at my before picture fairly often just to remind myself where I was). With all the contradictory advice on the net, the world of fitness seems daunting and confusing. My best piece of advice is to pick something and go with it for a while and see how it works for you. I knew willpower, like a muscle, needs to be exercised to become stronger. Nobody (short of a genetic anomaly) can walk into a gym and lift impressive amounts of weight their first time, you have to work your way up to it. I didn't expect to make a sweeping change to my life and have it stick, I decided to take small steps toward my goal lifestyle (I still haven't made it there completely).

A little trick to help you out is to write down your goals, then from those goals write down small changes and habits that will help reach those goals. Then from those habits/changes pick one or two per week to focus on. My first week I stopped eating fast food for supper, but still got my fix at lunch. Once I was successful with that, I stopped eating it at lunch too. The transition was much easier than If I had tried to go cold turkey, but that's just me, if you feel you can cut all out, then by all means do it! Once I had my fast food intake down to just once a week I cut out soda and drank home-made fruit juice instead. Fruit juice isn't the best substitute for soda since it's still practically pure sugar, but getting out of the habit of grabbing a canned drink when thirsty was a huge leap forward. From the fruit juice I started watering it down and limiting it to one big glass a day and drinking water instead. Buy a water bottle and have it filled and near you at all times.

With my diet under control and new years just around the corner I started working on an exercise routine. I forced myself to get up an hour early 3 mornings a week and I'd run/walk up and down my apartment building's stairs as many times as I could in 15 minutes. Then I'd do as many push-ups, leg raises, bridges, and pull-ups as I could. I recommend reading the book "Convict Conditioning" to learn about callisthenics - It shows simple and easy progressions to work your way up to various bodyweight exercises such as 1-armed push-ups and pull-ups.

It was at this point where my initial enthusiasm started running out. Once your enthusiasm runs out, the best way to keep working at your goals is to become accountable to someone. I have social anxiety which is sometimes crippling- I was too 'shy' to come out to anyone I knew in person about my goals but I found solace on the internet. Joining, and most importantly participating, in a community of like-minded people constantly reminds you to keep working to your goals. I started posting on 4chan's /fit/ board which I'll admit is a pretty terrible place infested with trolls which is most of the reason I decided to come here to xkcd's fit forum.

In early-mid January I finally broke the 200lb barrier and my confidence about weight-loss skyrocketed. I knew if I lost 15 lbs nothing was stopping me from my goal of 50. My progress pictures supported the confidence even more. I even went as far as photoshopping my current body over my original picture with a low opacity just to see the difference.

It was long before /fit/'s mentality began to rub off on me and I took emphasis off my bodyweight routine and started lifting weights trying to fill out my frame. I also began exploring other, sometimes more extreme, diet options like cutting carbs almost completely out of my diet to go into ketosis. To this day I still don't buy/consume much bread/pasta.

Fast-forward to the end of July I was nearing my 50lb lost goal. I went to an outdoor country music festival with my room-mate and a bunch of his friends for a weekend of camping and drinking. It was sunny weekend so naturally guys' shirts started coming off. I was hesitant at first but figured this is what I've been working towards so I thought "What the hell". It wasn't long before I realized my body looked better than the average guy and my confidence rose. It was shortly after that weekend I hit my 50lb mark and put my progress up on facebook. MY roomie's friends who have never seen me before the weekend were instantly shocked to see what I looked like just half a year previous. I've never felt better about myself.

So there's my story and a few pieces of advice that I found helped me. I'll continue to keep you guys updated on my progress in this thread and I'll post my thoughts on fitness topics in general. Feel free to ask any questions you want!


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Re: Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

Postby philsov » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:10 pm UTC

thick, solid, tight, etc.


Impressive weightloss! Though I notice the image is from august. Since you last goal was hit, and it's been two months -- have you moved on into another aspect of fitness? Are you just maintaining your current position?
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Re: Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

Postby Rpgamer12 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:22 pm UTC

I've been maintaining since august,just waiting for my loose skin to tighten up so I've been fluctuating between 160 and 170. I still lift weights and do cardio work. But currently my main focus has shifted from body to mind while my skin tightens. I've been experimenting with nootropics (pramiracetam) while playing memory games like memorizing a deck of cards and dual n-back games (google it).

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Re: Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

Postby Tounx » Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:32 pm UTC

pramiracetam, I can vouch for, is absolutely awesome.

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Re: Rpgamer's Progress/Advice Thread

Postby screen317 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:24 pm UTC

Rpgamer12 wrote:experimenting with nootropics (pramiracetam) while playing memory games like memorizing a deck of cards and dual n-back games (google it).
Why do nootropics sound suspiciously like woo?

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