Transfer University? (NL)

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Transfer University? (NL)

Postby ThrowawayQuestion » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:08 pm UTC

Hello everyone,

I have a question I was hoping some of you may be able to help me out with. I'm currently studying CS at the University of Groningen, but I'm considering a transfer to another university depending on what happens (more on that in a bit), and maybe some of you have an idea about what'd be a good plan here.

Essentially, I have two big issues with my current university. One, the CS degree is dominated by business-related software engineering courses. Meaning at least 5 mandatory courses that don't interest me one bit and are about stuff I'd just as easily learn on the job. When I compared it to some other universities in the Netherlands, it seemed Groningen is particularly bad - other universities have only one or two of these courses at most. ( <-- a link to the degree's course info.) Two, I'm trying to find a programming job on the side to reduce my debt, and also because I'm not really fit to 'just study and do nothing else' for X years. This is virtually impossible in the northern parts of the Netherlands. We also have approx. 30 new freshmen in CS every year, which is just too few (for my taste, yadda yadda).

This is why I'm considering a transfer to the Utrecht University. The benefits are that a.) the courses look much more CS-related - I'll take Concurrency and Three-Dimensional Modelling over IT Business Practice and Management of Product Innovation anytime, b.) they have ~200 new freshmen each year, c.) I'm much closer to where the job opportunities are.

I've also been in contact with the study advisor there, and they've checked and confirmed that I won't lose any points if I transfer. I'm currently 75 ECs in my degree, and the courses I was told I wouldn't have to do total 75 points as well. (Of course, I won't graduate in the standard 3 years, but the important part is that at least I don't have to do additional work for no good reason.)

That being said, I'm uncertain. I'm only 20 years old, but the thought of having to start over socially doesn't really appeal to me. While I'm confident I can probably make new friends there, it's just one of those "well... if I don't have to do it again, given things are OKish here, I'd rather not"-things. The place is also quite a bit more expensive than where I live now, so without a job moving might not be such a good idea. (To not even think about moving itself - I'm getting stressed just thinking about it.) Another point is that while I don't have to finish additional coursework, moving and all that might make it a little harder to finish the degree 'in time'. Finally, there's the issue of my parents: [i]I/i] wouldn't mind living a little further away from them, but they're the kind of people who'd use that to cut me off from their help, so, yeah.

So my question is basically: Are these good reasons to want to transfer to another university? Or is this more of a situation where it'd be better to stick it out for two more years, then do a master's somewhere else instead of turning my life upside down right now? Any advice would really be appreciated.

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Re: Transfer University? (NL)

Postby quetzal1234 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:45 pm UTC

So, I'm seeing the problems as this: 1) you might not get a job, 2) social, 3) parents
You say you'd like to get a job in your new city. Do you have any companies in mind? Is there any way you can reach out to find out what the opportunities might be? (You could ask your new department or career services for ideas) If you can find out more information, and maybe line up something, you will be able to better figure out a concrete plan.
Second, social. I'm not sure what you can do about this but wait and see. Have you visited the university to see what the department you'll be in is like?
Third, parents. Is there a way you can frame this so that it works out in their benefit? It sounds like you don't currently have a job where you are. If you put this as: well, I want to get more experience, and there are more opportunities in Utrecht. This will help me be sure to get a job when I graduate, so I can help you if you need it. Or: I want to transfer so I don't waste your money on a degree that's useless to me. Something along those lines, but perhaps more positive.
Overall, I'd say do more research. Keep your options as open as possible, and try to come up with a concrete plan of action so you won't lose course time and will get a job if you decide to go.
Anyways, let us know what shakes out.
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Re: Transfer University? (NL)

Postby PinkShinyRose » Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:37 pm UTC

I'm not sure if this is still relevant, but it may be, as I think you can register until May. One social aspect I think you may want to consider is that a 200 student year is mostly anonymous. You'll get to know some people (if you try), but you won't know the whole group. If they have some small scale education in somewhat consistent groups you'll get to know the other group members, but it's not like in a small program where you probably know your whole year.

Have you considered contacting DUO about your parents? I have no idea how your relationship with them is or when you can get the additional scholarship, but it may be worth asking at some point.

As for jobs, it may indeed be best to ask around at potential employers. A while ago many CS (and related) students in Amsterdam had decent computer jobs, but it may be more difficult now, I haven't spoken any of them in a while.

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Re: Transfer University? (NL)

Postby Flumble » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:03 pm UTC

Have you also considered other universities apart from Utrecht? By that I'm referring especially to TU Delft, TU/e and Twente University. In my experience (with the 3rd) none of the courses there are business-related (there's a Business&IT bachelor for that).
Moreover there are loads of start-ups and other IT companies that are looking for CS students in the vicinity of these universities and they'll probably advertise their presence (or even send a guy out for a talk) at the uni.

ThrowawayQuestion wrote:We also have approx. 30 new freshmen in CS every year, which is just too few (for my taste, yadda yadda).

What's the yadda yadda do? Are you into the studentenleven ("university lifestyle" just doesn't sounds right to me) or can't you get along with enough of the students in you class or something else?

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