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Forum server issues

Postby xkcd » Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:37 am UTC

Note: Somehow I accidentally posted this in Logic Puzzles. Here it is in the proper forum:

The forums have been having some trouble today because of trouble with Apache, the webserver, and the fact that the server is running an outdated version of the kernel on an old distribution. The site will stay up fine, but the forums might be a little slow as Apache periodically runs out of control and hogs the processor. davean has done an awesome job with what we have, and the server is still capable of handling any foreseeable traffic. We just have to keep a closer eye on it to reset things when it starts to run too hot.

This is accelerating the plan for a move to a new, even more powerful server, which should happen later this week. The move should happen with zero downtime; you won't even notice. It'll be a nice new sleek Gentoo system running everything on the Xen architecture, which has been davean's plan for some time. So that will be fun; we've had that on the 'to do' list for a while.

Anyway, that's to blame for any forum slowdowns you see, and should be cleared up before long.

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