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Re: Vanillafia D3 - Ice Lollies for all: Town win!

Postby Dr Ug » Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:36 am UTC

RoadieRich wrote:RE Nebuduck's modkill, I was working on a principle of "posted in the last X days" (I can't remember the exact value), and Nebuduck's post fell outside that. I missed that the post was, in fact, after the modprod.
His post was only 2 days before the modkill, only 10 posts before the modkill (with 11 players alive), and in fact weiyaoli hadn't posted between nebuduck's post and his modkill.

Modkill IMO is the thing you have to almost be the most careful about as a mod, given it significantly changes the course of the game, with no ability of the players to control it. I think modkills played way too much of a role in this game, and essentially broke the game.
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