justice league mafia

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justice league mafia

Postby phillip1882 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:48 pm UTC

superman - can save from night kills. invulnerable to night kills without kriptonite.
batman - no superhuman ability, has 3 smoke pellets for saving self from night kill, grappling hook for 1 save of another player from night kill, night light binoculars to determine player roles during night, (one player per night) and kriptonite, just in case he has has to go up against the man of steel.
superwoman - truth lasso can read player to player messages during night phase, 1 player per night.
hawk girl - magic immune mace. can kill players during night phase, but not twice in a row. knows the identity of green lantern, revealed when shes killed.
green lantern - has ring that makes 3d solid light objects. can either save 1 player per night, block a players actions during night phase, or redirect a players actions from someone to someone else. cannot do same action more than once in a row.
martian manhunter - telepathy and invisibility - may read a players messages during night phase, or save self during night. invisibility doesn't work against night light binoculars.
win condition - all villains and independents killed
lex Luther - master manipulator may control one players actions during night if he knows their identity.
solomon grundy - not much intellect but very strong. may prevent 1 player from acting during night phase. can only be killed by lynch or hawk girls mace.
felix faust - ancient sorcerer may use the abilities of 1 dead player if he knows their identity, except amazo.
win condition - all heroes killed
amazo - an android that can acquire powers. can perform one night kill per night, if player successfully killed, acquires their power. cannot acquire batman's powers.
win condition - all heroes and villains killed.

notes: each day and night is considered independent. so players who are reading messages don't get more than 1 night's worth for each night they do it. if batman is killed by lynch, kriptonite and binoculars go to random players who voted for him, including amazo. block>redirect>manipulation>save
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Re: justice league mafia

Postby Deva » Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:56 pm UTC

Edit: Never mind. Wondered about anti-mass claim mechanics. Posted too quickly. (Not interested in playing. Hoped to prevent trouble.)
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