The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007 End & Epilogue)

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby somitomi » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:17 pm UTC

Yay, I win through no fault of my own. Thanks a lot, Sabrar! :lol:
And thanks for modding, SuicideJunkie, it was an interesting game and I quite liked the role-playing aspect. I was genuinely bummed out when I died. I also like the idea of many quasi-independent players where "factions" form due to coincident wincons or goals. Bessie's right though, the mechanics took a little getting used to, I spent most of N1 figuring out how actions worked. I didn't quite realize I could do things during the day before I got shot for example.
bessie wrote:somitomi, you played a great game! Sorry you died so early.

It was my own damn fault and I don't think I did anything other than get myself shot like I was doing it on purpose. I could've shot wam N1 (while he was at your hideout), but I think I decided against it because I never trust myself with vig powers.
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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby SuicideJunkie » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:15 pm UTC

bessie wrote:...

Knowing what to say or hide was definitely a weak point. And the timing was tough to judge. I think my schedule works a bit opposite with regards to weekends, but I hadn't noticed how much so during the Secret Santa game.

I should have given you a +1 action optional post restriction to mention the Solex each day from the start, which would have totally fit the genius inventor character, but I didn't expect the dearth of discussion on the macguffin.
I don't think I was railroading anyone, and was certainly not trying to.

I think the problems with elimination stemmed from the jailing vote issue. The biggest and easiest thing to fix in hindsight.
Almost everyone had a gun, which is a pretty straightforward interface, although with costs. Somitomi would have lost lynch immunity for killing.
Moody didn't get Mark only because Sabrar had all the dakka and was shooting both Moody and his target. I had the target list, and based on the orders, everyone was going to die; it was just a matter of flavor details.

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby moody7277 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:37 pm UTC

I have nothing to be ashamed of; I died in the process of righteous action.
The story of my life in xkcdmafia:

Tigerlion wrote:Well, I imagine as the game progresses, various people will be getting moody.

BoomFrog wrote:I still have no idea what town moody really looks like.

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby BoomFrog » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:17 pm UTC

I’m sad I didn’t get to create my next decoy invention, which was going to be a lie detector that only works on BoomFrog.

I don't think it's working, it's just always beeping...
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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby SuicideJunkie » Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:34 am UTC

BoomFrog wrote:
I’m sad I didn’t get to create my next decoy invention, which was going to be a lie detector that only works on BoomFrog.

I don't think it's working, it's just always beeping...

Check the switch on the back... is it set to Naive or Paranoid?

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby Mark_Cangila » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:59 pm UTC

I'm really annoyed. I used the Golden Gun on Sabrar. If not for that danged robot.

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby freezeblade » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:31 pm UTC

Yay! I somehow bumbled into a win!

I really couldn't wrap my head around how to progress this game, My entire win condition was about the Solex, and literally nobody wanted to talk about it, except bessie, who was killed soon after mentioning.

I found the order of actions/possible actions in the night relatively difficult to grok, combined with the disincentive to find out flip information (mental calculus put investigating alive players above dead ones), left me floundering around doing useless activities in vane attempts to find my McGuffin.

I could have been totally absent in this game, lynched D1, yet still at least half win, because as soon as Bessie was killed the Solex was safe. Overall I felt pretty useless.

Not to say I didn't enjoy playing, I just felt If I had known the minutia of the game better, I'd have chosen my actions more efficiently.
Belial wrote:I am not even in the same country code as "the mood for this shit."

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby SuicideJunkie » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:01 pm UTC

freezeblade wrote:I could have been totally absent in this game, lynched D1, yet still at least half win, because as soon as Bessie was killed the Solex was safe.
Only once Mark/Scaramanga died, not Bessie. I suppose I could have designed it to let Plytho use the Solex deathray for revenge after Mark died as well, but didn't think of it before starting.

I figured the flip and easy looting was competitive with the alternative choice of investigating a resistant but active target.
I'll post a night event log when I get some time to compile it tonight.

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Re: The Mafia with the Golden Gun (Day 007)

Postby SuicideJunkie » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:04 am UTC

Evening 001:
Moody tries to follow Somitomi but is evaded; ends up at home.
Mark tries to follow Sabrar, but is evaded; ends up at Sabrar's safehouse.
Sabrar visited Somitomi's safehouse after evading Mark.
Bessie stays home.
Wam takes his van to Bessie's
Plytho follows Wam to Bessie's
Freezeblade couldn't follow Sabrar either and visited Bessie.
Somitomi follows Wam to Bessie's while evading Moody

Night 001:
Moody snoops his safehouse and builds an alibi.
Sabrar breaks in to snoop, and steals a pistol.
Mark fell afoul of the sonic tripwires and couldn't break in.
Somitomi disables the CCTV at Bessie's and installs a wiretap while leaving beer behind.
Plytho disables the Pressure plates, and steals Decontamination foam and the poisoned football.
Freezeblade installs a motion sensor and snoops on Wam
Wam steals Bessie's pressure plates and the poisoned football decoy.

Day 002:
Bessie detects the poisoning with doctor ability.
Wam installs pressure plates and mines in his safehouse. Wam is arrested
Mark attempts to GG Somitomi, but is arrested before he can shoot.

Evening 002:
Sabrar visits Moody
Somitomi visits Mark
Moody visits Mark
Bessie visits Plytho
Plytho visits Wam
Mark stays in Jail
Wam stays in Jail

Night 002:
Wam is released from Jail
Bessie trips pressure plates and drops foam and coffee
Plytho avoids explosive trap thanks to watch gadget, runs out of actions due to poison.
Moody trips laser security.
Somitomi trips pressure plates.
Mark is released from Jail
Sabrar trips laser security, stakes out safehouse.

Day 003:
Plytho removes poison with decon foam.
Bessie discovers motion sensor.
Mark eliminates Somitomi with Golden Gun.
Wam uninstalls mines.

Evening 003:
Sabrar visits Bessie
Mark visits Somitomi
Freezeblade can't follow Bessie, and ends up at Somitomi's
Moody visits Bessie
Plytho Follows Wam to Bessie, but has no actions due to recovering from poison.
Bessie relaxes at home wondering how many people are going to Sabrar's party.
Wam visits Bessie

Night 003:
Plytho sleeps at home.
Moody drops scotch, hunts for Mark, stakeout spots Sabrar and Wam
Bessie is exploded and eliminated by Wam's mine.
Freezeblade snoops Mark stealing items, snoops safehouse & gets Somitomi's ID, upkeeps alibi
Wam disables CCTV, leaves a minion to detonate the mine against anyone, targets anyone shooting (Sabrar) using SMG, then throws Molotov to burn Bessie's safehouse and destroy some items.
Mark snoops and loots Somitomi's safehouse, including two guns.
Sabrar stakes out Bessie, spots Wam and Plytho, attacks Wam. Uses flashbang to escape a losing shootout against the trumpcard SMG.

Day 004:
Mark is arrested.
Wam is arrested.
Freezeblade is arrested.

Evening 004:
Sabrar visits Mark
Moody visits Plytho with Jetpack Wingsuit
Plytho visits Wam
Mark sits in Jail
Wam sits in Jail
Freezeblade sits in Jail

Night 004:
Moody spots laser football with IR goggles, but trips ultrasonic sensor alarm. Snoops home.
Sabrar stakes out, sees nobody. Evades Pressure plate and Laser with 007 skill. Snoops and loots another gun and a safecracker.
Plytho disarms Pressure plate, snoops, and loots empty SMG. Gets poisoned again.
Mark is released from Jail
Plytho is released from jail
Wam is released from Jail (Losing minion "Vic" Tory)
Freezeblade is released from Jail

Day 005:
Plytho decontaminates with 2nd foam.
Mark attacks Sabrar with Golden Gun. Sabrar's animatronic decoy takes the fatal hit.
Sabrar disables his security system preemptively.

Evening 005:
Mark visits Sabrar
Moody tracks Mark to Sabrar's with extra pursuit points.
Wam visits Sabrar's
Sabrar stays home
Freezeblade visits Plytho
Plytho follows Freezeblade to Plytho's

Night 005:
Wam tries to steal ultrasonic tripwire.
Mark shoots Wam.
Moody targets Mark.
Sabrar shoots Moody and Mark. Sabrar loses License To Kill, loots bodies to gain another gun.
Plytho snoops Freezeblade
Freezeblade disables ulrasonic tripwire, snoops almost everything.

Day 006:

Plytho's alternate win condition takes effect; avenge Mark by killing his killer.
Sabrar admits killing Mark, loots and snoops corpses for another gun. Avoids looting Wam on suspicion of poison.

Evening 006:
Sabrar follows Plytho with 120% tracking effort (6pts!)
Freezeblade follows Plytho to Somitomi with full tracking effort (3pts)
Plytho follows Freezeblade, but runs out of actions first, and visits Somitomi

Night 007:
Sabrar loots a gun and tries to shoot Plytho.
Plytho loots for guns.
Freezeblade shoots Plytho.

Epilogue Ensues:
(copied from previous post)
A long week of intrigue and violence has finally come to an end. The locals have been left to clean up a trail of destruction, bodies and unexploded ordnance, while the protagonists head home to fame and glory. The redshirts and minions are swiftly mourned and then dismissed from consideration. The world is safe, but how much was truly accomplished and at what costs?

Mark Cangila (loss):
Suffering from a lack of leadership after the death of both him and his heir, Scaramanga's business collapsed and solar power was set back by a decade. There was also a measurable drop in the professionalism of assassinations in the region.

Plytho (loss):
Following a harrowing chase down the Sirat expressway, Nick Nack's bid for a weapon came just a day too late. The remaining MI6 agents were able to deduce his alignment if not his identity, and gunned him down. Bond once again escaped a righteous vengeance by a thin margin.

Wam (loss):
SMERSH was disappointed in Ivan Dmitrov for the loss of two agents in the failed attempt to eliminate agent 007, but ultimately unsurprised given the target. Vincent served his time and was eventually released, returning to his usual duty as muscle for the full agents.

Somitomi (win):
Sheriff Pepper was memorialized in his hometown back in Louisiana. For his key contibutions and support in protecting James Bond, MI6 contributed to a modest statue of him in an inspirational pose with his gun collection.

Moody (win):
Dustin Prince gave his life in the line of duty, attempting to end Scaramanga's organization. Although other agents had to take up the torch and complete the mission after the tragic friendly fire incident, the mission was ultimately successful.

Sabrar (win):
After a tense showdown, James Bond was free to return to HQ on a first class flight, where he met a number of attractive stewardesses. Upon landing, he was sent straight into yet another remedial course on public relations and another course on how to not shoot MI6 agents.

Freezeblade (win):
With everyone else departed, Lieutenant Hip finally had time to do a thorough search. After clearing Somitomi's safehouse, he hit pay dirt in the half-burned wreck of Dr Gibson's laboratory. Despite being agitated by a mislabeled case filled with a Rolex and a mocking note, Hip located the true Solex and departed for Britain the next day.

Bessie (win):
Doctor Gibson's Solex Agitator found its way from the rubble of the lab into the hands of MI6 until the British government quietly buried it again. Although the Solex never revolutionized the power industry, the Doctor avoided the infamy of being responsible for a weapon of mass destruction.

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