Seveneves - confused (spoilers)

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Seveneves - confused (spoilers)

Postby tomandlu » Fri May 10, 2019 2:26 pm UTC

I'm reading Seveneves, and I'm a bit confused by the layout of the various space structures in the latter section of the book (aka "Five thousand years later"). Google hasn't helped me much...

The habitat ring is a thin continuous band around the Earth - is it geosynchronous? The Eye is the bit that's really puzzling me, in terms of its relationship to the ring - am I right that it's a (relatively) small 'ring' (although shaped like an eye) wrapped around the habitat ring? i.e. it slides along the ring like a wedding-ring sliding down a length of pasta?

Finally, the bolos that they use to reach and leave Earth - they're completely independent of the ring and eye? Are they fully contained within the orbit of the ring, or do they stretch outside it? I assume, for safety's sake, the former?
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Re: Seveneves - confused (spoilers)

Postby SuicideJunkie » Mon May 13, 2019 5:25 pm UTC ... 1705593580

It looks like the eye is on a huge tether to earth with a far out counterweight, and swings around to visit the various independent segments of the ring like a ferry.
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