1425: "Tasks"

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby PinkShinyRose » Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:04 pm UTC

Mikeski wrote:One of my favorite Japanese "huh, they have a word for that" is "asatte": "the day after tomorrow".

They have a word for it in Dutch too, and in French, and I think in German. There is also a standard phrase for it in English (essentially the English alternative for medium to long words). It doesn't surprise me at all.

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby DR6 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:48 am UTC

PinkShinyRose wrote:
Mikeski wrote:One of my favorite Japanese "huh, they have a word for that" is "asatte": "the day after tomorrow".

They have a word for it in Dutch too, and in French, and I think in German. There is also a standard phrase for it in English (essentially the English alternative for medium to long words). It doesn't surprise me at all.

German obviously has a word for it because it lets you build words in the way others pointed out previously: it's "Übermorgen", which literally translates to "over tomorrow/past tomorrow". I don't know in English, but in Spanish we have "pasado mañana", which is technically not a single word but is a perfect equivalent of that.

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby brenok » Sun Sep 28, 2014 3:31 pm UTC

In Portuguese there is a name for the day before yesterday (anteontem) but not for the day after tomorrow.

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby addams » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:41 pm UTC

Pfhorrest wrote:
schapel wrote:On second reading, was your post about consciousness? That's a different subject altogether, because intelligence can be demonstrated, but consciousness cannot. I can prove to you I'm smart, but I can never prove to you I'm conscious.

Consciousness is the big topic of debate in philosophy of mind, which is what rhhardin spoke of. There's probably some people somewhere in the history of that debate who at one point believed building a true mind comparable to a human mind was just a matter of sufficient processing power or some such, some quantitative threshold where we just need "enough computer" and bam you've got a mind, but to my knowledge that's not a position held by any contemporary philosophers of mind, so disproving it (by the existence of our amazingly powerful and yet still in many ways dumb computers today) wouldn't shut anybody in that field up. The debate there is just over whether or not it is possible in principle, and if it is possible, what is it exactly that a machine must be capable of doing before we will unambiguously say "yeah, that's a genuinely thinking machine on par with you and me".

Also, whether consciousness can be demonstrated depends on what you mean by "consciousness". The two broad senses in use today are "access consciousness" and "phenomenal consciousness" (and the problems surrounding them respectively the "easy" and "hard" problems of consciousness). Access consciousness is pretty uncontroversial: if you can tell me how you're feeling, what you're thinking, what you think caused you to think or feel that way, and especially what you think or feel about what you think or feel ("I'd rather not feel like this", "I know I shouldn't think that", etc), then you have access consciousness, and you just demonstrated it by telling me those things. You have access to information about your own internal mental states. To some philosophers of mind that's enough, and they dismiss the coherence of any other sense of the word "consciousness". (Those ones will usually say that it's clearly possible in principle to build a conscious machine, the rest is details).

Others want to answer still the harder problem of phenomenal consciousness: if you build a machine that responds to inputs and outputs exactly like a human and can report on its own internal states just like a human can, does a rose still smell just as sweet to it? Does it experience the same redness we do when looking at it? Can it properly experience smell or sight at all, or is it merely responding to chemical and electromagnetic stimuli with the same internal state-changes and consequent behavior as a human would? That's something which, if there is any answer to it at all, if the question even makes sense, it may not be possible to know. But then it's just as impossible to know about other humans as it is machines, so that's kind of irrelevant to questions about AI.

Beautifully written Pfhorrest.

We are a kind of AI, Pfhorrest.
We can go against our programing.

It's not easy. Therefore:
We have Noble AI among us.
We have Shameful AI among us.

The Good News is we are Normal.
A Normal Distribution.

Almost 35% or so of us are Not Horrible Bad.
Almost 35% or so of us are Not Saints.

Are computers making it easier for us to get along with one another, above and beyond our Programing?
Life is, just, an exchange of electrons; It is up to us to give it meaning.

We are all in The Gutter.
Some of us see The Gutter.
Some of us see The Stars.
by mr. Oscar Wilde.

Those that want to Know; Know.
Those that do not Know; Don't tell them.
They do terrible things to people that Tell Them.

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby orthogon » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:32 am UTC

Luftmensch is today's word on A Word A Day. I've suspected for some time that one of us is Anu Garg ...

In Britain, there's a running xenophobic gag whereby mañana is taken to mean "sometime in the future, maybe never", which makes the concept of pasado mañana somewhat similar to infinity+1. However, I've just learnt from the intertubes that in Spanish there is a phrase mañana mañana, which does have the meaning that we attribute to a single mañana. (I should mention that my Spanish speaking friends are in fact amongst the most punctual and reliable).
xtifr wrote:... and orthogon merely sounds undecided.

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Re: 1425: "Tasks"

Postby Millah » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:37 pm UTC

Flickr has taken a stab at solving this problem. It seems to work most of the time but I have managed to trick it a few times.


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