sick realization: you have negative dollars

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Re: sick realization: you have negative dollars

Postby Thesh » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:18 pm UTC

Chen wrote:
Thesh wrote:Lease them.

Yeah I'm assuming you're still talking in good faith here, so how exactly would that work? How would I lease the shoes/underwear that wear out? Or any clothes for that matter? What happens when I break something I've leased? Forget the fact that people like actually owning things outright, these are just a couple items off the top of my head here. It seems completely unfeasible unless there's more to this system you're leaving out.

The question isn't what people like, it's how you can have equal wealth. To have equal wealth, you simply can't have individuals owning their own property, but all property owned equally by everyone. To lease out clothes, you would likely purchase a service plan that gives you access to a wardrobe that you can add or remove items from within the limits of your plan - most clothes would likely have a deposit, so if they are in good condition you get the deposit back. Your furnishing, appliances, etc. would be leased with your home.

This is also my guess of what the future of capitalism looks like, just with most people owning absolutely nothing in any way.
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Re: sick realization: you have negative dollars

Postby Zamfir » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:46 pm UTC

I have to wonder, why focus on such a level of detail?

Suppose there is a world where the only remaining wealth differences are because some people go to more concerts, and others get more underpants and a bigger TV. Compared to our world, that's virtually the same as wealth equality. If such things are really the last sticking points, then people can work it out when they get there.

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