Obama's "Call to Service"

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Did your School have a community service requirement?

High School - Yes
High School - No
High School - A sponsored, but voluntary, program of some kind
College - Yes
College - No
College - A sponsored, but voluntary, program of some kind
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Re: Obama's "Call to Service"

Postby Griffin » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:13 am UTC

But then again, mandatory also implies they're, you know, telling you what to do, beyond "Do something".

Parts of this program would be mandatory (the time spent and the general purpose) but other parts (the specific job, when you do, how you do it) would all be voluntary. Since you're the one choosing to do any of the many options, you would be volunteering to do that specific community service, even though you wouldn't be volunteering to do community service in general.

Anyways, I don't think what we have here is so much a logical disagreement as a fundamental one - on multiple levels.

First, the purpose of public schooling.
Second, the role of school age children in regards to "forced labour", and what exactly constitutes forced labour.

Going back and forth stating our opinions on these things isn't going to change anyone's opinions, but can we at least agree that its not the job of the fed to decide?
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