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Re: Grand Tours (cycling) talk

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:10 pm UTC
by Liri
Landa could have been third in the TdF if he'd wanted to be hated by the French for all eternity. The stage where he dragged up the whole GC like a machine and left Froome behind was pretty spooky to watch. So yeah, at the end, the real competitors need to be able to haul themselves up. I almost wish every stage was an ITT.

I remember Hincapie. It's hard to judge riders who are in the half-hour to hour back range, since they're allowed to ride free when they aren't needed, but they don't usually, so they could probably do a lot better if they wanted/were allowed.

My favorite from Sky is Geraint. I'm bummed he crashed out of two GTs this year.