Processor Socket Compatibility [Resolved]

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Processor Socket Compatibility [Resolved]

Postby Bipod » Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:33 pm UTC

Hey all. I was looking at my desktop the other day, and realized that my processor is the weakest link in the system. So, after looking at different ones, I settled on the 3 GHz Phenom ii x4. However, since I have no experience on the hardware end of things past installing my graphics card, I got to wondering. Is it even possible to upgrade to this: (The 'new' processor on google)
from this: ?

I'm ordering from Newegg most likely, since it seems they have the lowest price by a mile, but they only have a replacement policy on CPUs, which means no refunds if it doesn't work out. I know that AMD2+ processors can supposedly fit in AMD2 socket, and I'm not dumb enough to try this on my own so I'll probably be sending it in to my local non-Best Buy computer store. However, is the motherboard itself going to stop the installation from working? (I know you would need the model to know, so if this is the case I'll find it.) And even if the putting-in-place part works, what exactly will I have to do to update the BIOS? I just don't want to go in to this half-assed and screw up my computer. Thanks.

Well, apparently when I was comparing the socket types I was misreading Phenom as Phenom ii, and therefore AMD2+ as AMD3. I won't be needing your help right now, but thanks.
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Re: Processor Socket Compatibility

Postby the.coding.eye » Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:09 am UTC

If an AMD2+ socket CPU really does fit in a AMD2 socket, I think you should be fine. As far as BIOS settings go: you shouldn't have to change anything unless you have done some overclocking. The motherboard should be compatible (I would need model info to know for sure) unless in the specs it says it does support quad core for whatever reason.
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Re: Processor Socket Compatibility

Postby Polah » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:00 am UTC

AM2 sockets only support AM2 processors and DDR2 RAM.

AM2+ sockets support AM2 and AM3 processors. However, despite the AM3 processor's capabilities to support DDR3 RAM, it is limited to DDR2 by the socket.

AM3 sockets support AM3 processors and DDR3 RAM.

In short, no it isn't possible to upgrade from an Athlon 64 (AM2) to a Phenom II (AM3) unless you motherboard has an AM2+ socket, or you upgrade that too. Look up your motherboard's specs to find out what socket type it has, else you'll have to buy a new board with an AM3 socket (buying an AM2+ socket board would be useless, I believe, although you would need to uprade to some DDR3 RAM alongside it).

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