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Postby Vaskafdt » Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:36 am UTC

Greetings. I am currently starting a compilation drawing of many many robots.

when I mean compillation.. I mean something like this. only... not like this at all.. my personal drawing style can be seen in this example.

so I dug through my brain and tryed to remember all the robots I can think about..
then I went to wikipedia.. got some more out of there.. I currently got 28 robots in mind. here's a list
Literature (famous book robots with visually famous movie / cartoon version to use)
  1. Marvin
  2. Deep Thought
  3. Tik-Tok (OZ)

Video Games
  1. Chronotron
  2. PORTAL turrets
  3. Jack - Tekken

  1. Robocop
  2. Terminator
  3. Matrix Sentinals
  4. C3P0
  5. R2D2
  6. General Grievous
  7. Gort
  8. WALL·E
  9. Eve
  10. Sonny (from the I, Robot movie)

TV-Series / Cartoons
  1. Bender
  2. Optimus Prime
  3. Megatron
  4. Replicator
  5. K9 (Doctor Who)
  6. Cyberman
  7. Anne-Droid
  8. Borg Queen
  9. Data

  1. A Sentinel (X-Men)
  2. Zeke (from Ctrl - Alt - Del)
  3. Pintsize (AnthroPC from Questionable Content)

now here is my question / plea for assistance.
are there any easily recognizable robots i have forgotten? something that should be on this top 20 list but isn't (not that robots who are famous but don't have a recognizable appearance are off. for example R Daneel Olivaw from Asimov's books)

my biggest flaw is familiarity with Marvel / DC verses.. any very famous robots in them? or Japanese cartoons.. don't really know anything at all about those.
also who is the most famous Cylon?

I would appreciate any assistance in my endeavor.

also.. there are a gazillion Transformers for example.. I only listed 2.. I try to avoid too many entries from the same verse

I will start drawing them now.. hopefully I will get a few more names for my list :)
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Postby Jplus » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:38 am UTC

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