Blank on startup

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Blank on startup

Postby Scyrus » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:27 pm UTC

Hello! Once more I have met a problem with my laptop, quite possibly the most serious one since the corrupted RAM stick of '09.

My ASUS laptop, with Windows 7, goes black screen an arbitrarily small ammount of time after I turn it on.

I press the button to turn it on, and only one of 4 bulbs lights up in the the lowermost part, the one indicating it is receiving energy from the current, but does not light the wireless bulb as usual. The ASUS logo appears and the computer makes the usual startup sound (screen may go black here, before, after or even during this sound). I can press ESC or F2 to enter boot options and the menu (screen may go black here, at any time, giving me from less than one second to a full 20 while in these screens). Attempting to boot in any way, safe mode or not, will also cause the screen to go black. If none of these things happens, then after the ASUS logo, the Windows logo will appear, and after a few second the screen goes black.
(Note: The screen only goes black once, all of these are from different attempts in no particular order, some reaching farther and others lasting only seconds)

Whenever the screen goes black, the keyboard is equally unresponsive and no commands work. The disk spins ever slower until it reaches some sort of weak state where pressing even the On button will cause it to shut down (otherwise it would need you to press this button for 5 seconds, here is instantly).

If it is anything of relevance, I was using ConvertXtoDVD to make a file and burn onto a DVD. After some time I discovered the screen already black and to my horror, so it would be every time i turned it on.

Any ideas on what to do with this?

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Re: Blank on startup

Postby yewbie » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:14 pm UTC

On first read it sounds like a hardware issue.
If your screen is going black at your bios screen or anything pre OS load its has to be a pretty serious issue.

I would try running it off of direct A/C power with no battery installed
If it still does the same thing it could be a heat issue.

Is the laptop getting excessively hot? in the small amount of boot time?

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Re: Blank on startup

Postby Scyrus » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:35 pm UTC

I have started it without the battery, and I have also cleaned the fan. It doesn't seem to heat up much, so I don't think that is the problem.

A while ago, I reintroduced the old corrupted 1Gb RAM stick back into the computer, and it actually started up and lasted for about 3 minutes, after which the screen blanked out again.

This prompted me to think that the issue could have been related to the RAM, so after a few tries of trying to boot it up with either of the RAM sticks, I attempted to run a memtest on the "good" (2GB) one, but the screen blanked before it even started, and I thought that I would never get to see the memtest's results because the screen would blank out eventually.

The conclusion? Still none to be taken, if it had been purely about RAM, at least one of my 6 experiments would have panned out. It seems as though every little thing I try to do to the laptop before I turn it on actually extends the time it remains on, no matter how ridiculous the change, and this idea is ridiculous itself. I will now leave it to rest or cool down until tomorrow, after which I will re-attempt the memtest and see if I can get results. If the memtest indicates no problems, as it did the last time I made it, then RAM will be oficially discarded as the cause for the dreaded black screen of unlife.

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Re: Blank on startup

Postby Jorpho » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:26 am UTC

Can you get to some kind of temperature monitor in your BIOS?

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Re: Blank on startup

Postby archeleus » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:44 am UTC

If possible (if it lasts that long) try a boot disk. You would need to get your ram, gpu, hdd checked out. Since you said something about the DVD drive, try disabling it. Also try some other ram sticks from a friend.
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