"The Ronpaul"

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"The Ronpaul"

Postby Tirian » Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:22 am UTC

There is evidently a regex coded into the forum software that takes the phrase "Rοn Paul " and replaces it with "the Ronpaul". I suspect it was added during one of the moderator prank weeks and it subsequently amused some moderator to not remove it along with all the others quite some time ago. In the meantime, of course, he has gone from a mostly harmless crank to a nearly viable candidate for President and is discussed in more diverse and serious settings, settings in which his contemporaries are not similarly lampooned.

While I appreciate the traditional argument that the moderators work hard and are entitled to their fun, I'd like to respectfully ask for them to revisit this issue. For the record, I am not a supporter of Paul's candidacy or political beliefs, but merely a nonpartisan who would like to be able to afford him the dignity of a two-word name when discussing him on these forums.

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Re: "The Ronpaul"

Postby Azrael » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:29 am UTC

While his candidacy is certainly much more mainstream this time, I doubt very much that this fact carries much weight considering how long we had Jesus Christ filtered.

Plus, source. Which is hilarious, even if only in a topical-at-the-time sort of way.

[For the record exactly none of this is my doing. And if those whose doing it was feel inclined, they will comment.]

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