Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby folkhero » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:57 pm UTC

They are under contract for another season, so probably not the last episode, but when I watched it I thought that it might be. Definitely the best episode of a largely forgettable season.

Most of the music my dad listened to when I was a kid I eventually found good enough to put into my music collection, or I hated so much that I try to avoid it at all costs. Fleetwood Mac is the only band that really fell into the middle ground. I don't listen to them very often, so when I do it makes me get very nostalgic. Considering the themes of the episode, this made "Landslide" an absolutely perfect song to end with, for me at least.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby legopelle » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:12 pm UTC

Dark567 wrote:
legopelle wrote:ok, what's up with the last episode? (s15e07)
I haven't seen last nights episode yet, but in generally I have been pretty disappointed in this season. The last few seasons of South Park have been pretty good, but this one is pretty forgettable(the only really good episode so far has been HumanCentiPad)

The last episode is very different from the others. But I also think Crackbabies and the Randy episode are worth watching.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby Dark567 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:24 pm UTC

legopelle wrote:The last episode is very different from the others. But I also think Crackbabies and the Randy episode are worth watching.

Yeah, actually the Crackbabies was pretty good. Also apparently this last episode* was the first of two parts.

*Again I haven't seen it.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby big boss » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:33 am UTC

Well the new season started up, I've enjoyed the first 3 so far.

Who would have thought Cartman would be the best at stopping Mexicans cross the boarder?

I was really hoping the entire school would be shitting from their breeches in the cafeteria in the latest episode. They got that image in my mind and then it never happened... I guess Mr. Mackey flying down the hall at the end of the episode was good enough consolation.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby Sean Quixote » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:22 am UTC

This new episode blows.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby Sprocket » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:40 am UTC

So I just saw a few different parts of the episode of south park that talks about Family Guy being cancelled for showing Muahmad or something. My roommate was getting very angsty at me, saying the episode made people "realize how formulaic family guy is" and "is the reason a lot of people stopped watching family guy." which is stupid to me, because...yeah Family Guy is formulaic, and if you didn't realize that, you're an idiot, but further more, South Park gets all preachy about all manner of political this and that, that's what it does, and they chose, in this episode, to get preachy guy...cuz they were annoyed about people comparing them to it....and apparently think it's a bad show... ::shrug:: Why get uppity and preachy about Family Guy (not to defend family guy, it's an amusing stupid show, I could care less)? They weren't even talking about how they think the show is too offensive without any purpose, they were just saying "look how our jokes are relevant to the plot and that makes us superior." Which just makes them look whiny and like the kid who goes "I'm not just like Joey STOP it! Joey's a fuckin' JOKE man, I HATE that kid!" reality...he's a dead ringer for Joey, sure he's blonde and Joey's brunette, and sure he doesn't choke on his own tongue while eating jello like Joey does...but man, he's a lot like Joey. Mostly, I really don't care, but Jesse was getting really defensive about it, and made me watch parts of the episode of south park to 'prove his point'. And we had this whole debate about how "don't you ever like something and then someone points out to you why it's bad, and you realize it's bad?" and I was like "no...I'm pretty critical of stuff, and I usually like what I like and notice it's flaws too." I had this metaphor about thinking a statue is beautiful, but then someone points out a crack in it, and I was like "damn it! why did you show me that crack! Now I can't stop focusing on it! but in reality it's still beautiful" and Jesse was like "no, now it's garbage" and I was like "I don't know, I think you can recognize the crack and love the statue, and maybe for a little while you can't stop seeing the flaw, but then you can go back to seeing it for itself again." He brought up taking a music class and realizing that stuff he liked wasn't good afterwards. I think that sounds like elitist-pressure, like you decide that since you've been educated you're no longer allowed to partake of the philistine joys you once adored. I'm totally arrogant and elitist about stupid shit sometimes, absolutely. I criticize everything all of the time, but I can enjoy Harry Potter for the fun of it, and possibly due to what you could call education, that is, having read better things, realize it's not great literature at the same time.

Anyway, I guess my point is I'm wondering if people are really so uncomfortable in their own judgements of things that South Park could actually be considered responsible for making people stop watching family guy, by showing them why, in their opinion, it's bad...the notion just seems bizarre to me that people really don't know what they like to that extent.
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Re: Tonight's South Park...(Merged Scott Tenorman)

Postby Sean Quixote » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:04 am UTC

Lol, you should tell your friend that he's totally like Stan in the "You're Getting Old" episode. Or, actually, maybe more like the Morpheus character knock-off dude and his ilk from the subsequent "Ass Burgers" episode... It's easy to criticize everything, but for some people it's harder to just shut up and laugh at something that's funny, even if it's very formulaic and doesn't have much real plot or character development. And yes, it is kind of funny how "Cartoon Wars" itself shows that, apparently, Parker and Stone are two of those people. :P Another funny thing about people like that is that there's somebody like that for, well, basically everything -- not just the things that they don't like: in fact, more people are probably "like that" (elitist, pretentious) about South Park than they are about Family Guy, because the latter doesn't necessarily take itself seriously.

The thing I never understood about the Cartoon Wars episode was the whole premise that people somehow draw any comparison between the two shows at all... I mean, how? Because they're adult-oriented cartoon shows? Really? Then again, if that's the perception, then maybe Matt and Trey really did need to go out of their way to point out that there's a difference. Maybe that was just their way of telling the audience that they need to know why you like what you like: If you wanna laugh aimlessly, go to Family Guy; if you wanna be "preached" to, watch South Park.
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