Desk Help (ergonomics and such)

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Desk Help (ergonomics and such)

Postby moiraemachy » Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:54 am UTC

I'm getting a desk for my first desktop, and that prompted this topic... I would like to hear some advice/anecdotes/impressions on how to set up a comfortable computer desk (and chair). There are lots of guides on the internet about stuff like this, but while they converge on the big picture ("monitor at your eyes' height", "adjustable chair", "forearms must be horizontal") they put emphasis on different aspects, and I'm left wondering what to prioritize/where to cut corners (since I can't have this).

Anyway, here's my dilemma: I'll study at my new computer desk, so I'm planning it to be a lot bigger than a usual computer desk (about 2m in length, with drawers). I'll use the computer to read and my notebook (the paper kind) to take notes simultaneously. My plan is to get a table with big width (>30") and just push the keyboard forward when using the notebook. Apparently, however, the ideal height for a keyboard is not the same as the height for a notebook, so I am in doubt about whether using the desktop table like this will be awful or passable. My backup plan is to use a corner table with a keyboard tray, and swing the chair to take notes. Any thoughts?

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