School research into multiword passwords, experiment help

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School research into multiword passwords, experiment help

Postby utrob » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:52 pm UTC


I'm Rob and I work together with Tom.
We are students at the university of Twente and we have a research project that we are doing that looks into multiword passwords in comparison with user generated passwords.
For this we have created an online survey/experiment that we would like some people to do.
But since I don't have the 5 required posts yet to post a link and since I do not know if there would be interest in doing a little experiment I would like to find out if people are interested.
The thing that you'd have to do is simple: First a few basic filler questions will be asked. age gender etc. You will be asked to create a multi word password or a user generated password according to some guide rules and your e-mail adress will be needed. The e-mail will only be used for the second part of the experiment. A reaction e-mail you'll get back in which you'll just need to re-enter your created password.

If there would be interest in this let me know please.


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Re: School research into multiword passwords, experiment hel

Postby flownt » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:44 pm UTC

I'm not quite sure if you're still planning/doing this project, but what is the goal?
Are you going to try to crack the passwords? Is it to find out which is easier to remember?
It seems interesting though, since I know of quite a few systems to require short passwords (less than 20 (in one case less than 12) characters),
which are strong: requires capitals and normal characters, numbers and weird signs, longer than 8 characters. This is a real pain to remember and type in, while some long sentence (which might give more entropy) is impossible because of the length constraint.

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