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Postby gmalivuk » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:36 am UTC

Once upon a time, the forums had math markup support with the [math] and [imath] tags. This is no longer the case, which is probably a good thing for more users than not, since it wasn't very well implemented and slowed down people's browsers, whether or not they had any interest in reading any of the math on a given page.

I now use the TeX the World plugin (for Firefox and Chrome) for all my markup needs.

Once it's running, it will convert anything between [; and ;] to LaTeX.

(I'd generally still prefer that you use the existing superscript and subscript tags when all you want to do is throw in an x2 or something, and use standard Unicode characters whenever possible for other things that work fine on a single line.)
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If this post has math that doesn't work for you, use TeX the World for Firefox or Chrome


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