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Re: RWBY: Rooster Teeth / Monty Oum stuff

Postby HES » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:08 pm UTC

KnightExemplar wrote:
Qrow's words with Raven implies that maybe Raven was in charge of the bandits who attacked the village from episode 3.

Who are also assumed to be the same bandits that killed Ren & Nora's parents, so that's setting up some team conflict later in the volume.
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Re: RWBY: Rooster Teeth / Monty Oum stuff

Postby KnightExemplar » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:02 pm UTC

Season 4 was okay. But its really missing the Monty Oum touch to the action sequences.

True, the characters are still using the signature "gun-blades" to do magic battle with each other with sorta ill-defined "Aura" as a shield against lethality. And I do like the new visual "electric" expression for "aura-down". But I guess... the action scenes in Season 4 were a bit... dry? Nothing really special about them overall.

Not that earlier seasons weren't clearly lifted pose-for-pose from other works (I've seen "attack animations" straight out of a ton of fighting games. My earlier post demonstrates this "copying" effect for example. In any case, Monty Oum was clearly aware of current video game and anime culture. Monty Oum would take attack-poses, video games and anime that I've seen before... and then combine them in ways that haven't been done before. (Season 1 == Naruto inspirations with the Forest training sequence... or whatnot).

There was always a sort of "I know you've seen this before... but wait for it..." going on in all of the fight scenes in previous seasons. While fight scenes would escalate according to established tropes and norms... all of a sudden... something outrageous would happen that was amazingly holy shitballs off-the-wall and crazy.

Season 2 example:


And that's what I think drew me into RWBY. No, the fight scenes don't always make sense, but holy crap, I can't say I've ever seen a "There's bomb on every car on this train" before... and apparently solving the problem involves punching the bad guys with the cute doggie.

I guess what I'm saying is... Season 4 never surprised me action wise. Which is probably the Monty Oum magic that has been lost. :-(


For the most part, Season 4 was filled with "moves" that we've seen before. Ruby Rose using an electric shot to power-up Nora, John swinging his sword around... and the like. We finally get to see Ren's semblance (some kind of invisibility??) but we didn't see any combat use of it. That... despite the three major monsters (Season 1 Opening, Water Dragon thing, the Rider+Horse thing) as well as new characters (Scorpion guy vs Ruby / Nora / Ren / John / Qrow and Chameleon vs Blake).

With that said, there was a lot of setup in this season for future exploration.

The new Academy. We finally meet "The Lion". The team of Salem / Cinder has been fleshed out. Ozbin's new "host" has been introduced. Yang's and Ruby's mother has been introduced. Blake's parents... and their connection with the White Fang... have been introduced.

So there's plenty for the writers to elaborate upon in future seasons. I guess its a good foundation to build the story back up, but it didn't make for a very interesting season IMO.
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