xkcd-sucks FANFICTION?!?

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xkcd-sucks FANFICTION?!?

Postby Ephemeron » Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:03 pm UTC

Came across this on Reddit a few weeks back. It appears to be a very WTF-worthy story about Rob (the guy who used to run xkcd-sucks) and his quest to rid the world of xkcd. The other characters are all personalities from the xkcd-sucks blog, and naturally Randall is the villain. His introduction scene in chapter 2 is awful beyond words.

He has brainwashing device that makes people like xkcd, and a ball-pit where he imprisons Megan. And oh yeah, did I mention? Megan is his wife who has cancer(!!!) and Randall is refusing to have it treated because he has a fetish for lactation, or something.

The terribleness of that aside (I sincerely hope Randall's actual wife never sees this), it's actually quite well written and has some funny moments, like this exchange in chapter 3:
“So you really are Rob? You’re not not as fat as I expected.” said Raven, eyeing up Rob’s 300-pound physique.
“I’m fatter than I look.” said Rob. “What were you expecting?”
“Well to be honest I was expecting you would look like Randall.”
“Why, because me and Mr Munroe are obviously the same person?” Rob drawled sarcastically.
“So you’re not the same person?” Raven asked.
“Not even his twin brother?”
“Not related in any way?”
“Ah well.” said Raven. “There go most of my slash-fic ideas.”

Also, the whole of chapter 7, but that may just be my sense of humour.

The title of this story fanfic thing? Died in a Blogging Accident.

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Re: xkcd-sucks FANFICTION?!?

Postby AarexTiaokhiao » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:56 pm UTC

On xkcd, this isn't fan-fiction.

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Re: xkcd-sucks FANFICTION?!?

Postby ahammel » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:02 pm UTC

AarexTiaokhiao wrote:On xkcd, this isn't fan-fiction.

Because of the "fan" part, or the "fiction"?
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