Etymology of Apple

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Etymology of Apple

Postby . . » Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:15 pm UTC

I was recently having a discussion with some other computery nerd types and we were talking about clever company names such as "Petsmart" (pets mart / pet smart) and "Youtube" (pun on boob tube).

Yet when I mentioned Apple (as in app/application) I was laughed down! "'App' is a new term" they said. Apple has been around since the 70's!

Well according to this: ... &q&f=false "App" has been used since at least the mid 80's by Apple (check page 40) to mean application.

Also Publisher's Weekly August 24th 1971 (before Apple was founded) uses "application" to refer to a computer program although I found this at the library so I cannot link to it.

So... Apple: named after a fruit? I think not.

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Re: Etymology of Apple

Postby Yakk » Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:19 pm UTC

Apple was named after the fruit that took Turing's life, silly.
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Re: Etymology of Apple

Postby phlip » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:16 am UTC

I dunno how reliable any of these sites are, they're just whatever Google dredges up, but here's 1, 2, 3.

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